Democrat says Biden has ‘fallen short’ on border. See DHS secretary respond

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas joins CNN's "State of the Union" to share early border numbers following the expiration of Title 42. #CNN #News


  1. Maybe we should just enforce the immigration laws we already have on the books. That’s the only thing broken…

    1. They are. There are broad terms for what covers asylum seekers. Many are legitimate,but others are not.

    2. @Lockwood Peckinpaugh Interesting… President Trump did not seem to encounter the same issues with mass immigration as this Administration.

    3. @Lemon Well, in fairness, Trump didn’t tell them they wouldn’t be sent back if they came.

  2. Back in the 70’a and 80’s, thousands of temporary visas were given to agricultural companies to bring immigrants to work for 6 months and then return them back to their countries after the agricultural season was over. The companies were held accountable to let their immigrant workers know that if they decided to break their 6 month contract that they would not get their last monthly check and that they would be taken off the list to return to the USA to legally work. And they would be reported to ICE (previously INS) to be searched, found and deported. (Note: Immigrants that followed the rules for 10 years straight, had the option to apply for permanent residency and then after 5 years of being a PR, they could apply for US citizenship).

    Well, low and behold, this system worked even after the drug cartels realized that they could use immigrants as mules, because that’s where the DEA would make sure they would get caught when entering the country. See, we had informants inside the cartels telling us when the next drug mules would come in and we would catch them. So, what did the drug cartels resorted to do instead? Well, they resorted to sending pretty girls and regular people via airplanes, which worked phenomenally well to get the drugs in to the USA, because it had a “legal,” front.

    But CORRUPT politicians (paid by the cartels) decided to use the drug cartels as an excuse for them to say that, the then established USA immigration process, was the main cause for so much drugs coming into the USA. Of course, this was a lie. So, once they managed to dismantle the well oiled USA immigration machine we had back then, then that’s when immigration became a problem and the cartels took advantage of that and paid coyotes to smuggle immigrants into the country to transport their drugs and create illegal resident communities, inside the USA, that thrived under the protection of corrupt politicians. Those became the drug communities point of contact for the drug cartels and a huge efficient drug cartel network was established within the USA.

    It was during the 90’s when many police departments (at least here in Florida) were caught in drug corruption because they were on the cartel’s payrolls.

    In conclusion, we need to bring back the immigration process we had back during the Carter/Reagan era, because it worked.

    1. President Trump is either a Super Human or a Greek God!!! 🌈☮🏳‍🌈

  3. I know a narcissistic person that even when he’s wrong succinctly will still deny, point a finger and deflect fault. Geez it’s not just a personality trait but a real frustrating nuisance. Maybe he could be this guy’s replacement…😂

  4. Don’t believe your own lying eyes. Trust your ears as you listen to Mayorkas words as he spouts sweet nothings.

  5. Fallen short of what? It’s going exactly as he planned but his plan is traitorous and he should be locked up for doing it.

  6. It sounds again as if Mr. Mayorkasis saying “the biggest part of my smash & grab border policies is yet to come. And anyone who opposes me is immoral.” very useful information

  7. Fallen short? Id say freaking catastrophic. Murderous, and absolutely devastating. Hows that

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  10. He smirks because despite what the American people want. He’s going to do what ever he wants because he has the power. very useful information

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