Ex-Trump official says town hall emboldened GOP opponents

Former Trump White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah Griffin breaks down Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' appearance in Iowa. #CNN #News


  1. Could we have a discussion on how irresponsible it was for CNN management to authorise this town hall and the format it had? It appears that CNN management just want to keep flogging this seriously unprofessional event for as many ‘segments’ as they can. Not only did CNN suffer major reputational damage, but just how difficult is it to fail to learn how to deal with a comically inept and cartoon-level malevolent person like Trump? Honest questions.

    1. It’s also irresponsible for them to give Scott Jennings a place on panels, but here we are.

    1. If it sickened you enough to vote against Trump, that’s a good thing.
      Never hurts to be reminded what you’re fighting.

  2. When you say of DeSantis, “He has two jobs now…” you did not mention that his primary job is governor of Florida.

    1. @I.M. Greg  Seems like anyone covering politics this year would remember that DeSantis already has a very demanding job, governor of Florida — and Hurricane Season has not even begun yet this year!

  3. 1:16 “What’s the purpose of a political party? To beat the democrats.” Not to govern wisely for the people. Just to beat the other side. What a depressingly narrow view.

    1. I agree. This is not a game you win. In fact if you win is when you should go to work. It’s not about the “win” it’s about the work you said you would do if you win. That’s why we voted for you. Do we really have to explain this? It blows my mind.

    2. You know Trump is doing well when CNN is straight up running segments to fluff up Desantis lol

  4. Even if DeSantis wins the primary somehow next year, Trump would make sure he loses with an independent presidential bid.

  5. If more people had wise elders to look up to and learn from… If more people appreciated and respected strong yet gentle parents and grandparents…
    If family values were wholesome and healthy throughout America…
    If all of these things were true, no one would question that the age of good leader is a benefit!
    I don’t know any one at my age which is 50+, who doesn’t admit that THEY thought they knew it all when they were young. The same rings true at 60, 70, 80, My wise old grandfather would accept counsel and weigh options. Admit when he is wrong. never boast or brag.
    Give credit where credit is due and so on and so forth. Age is a weak and pitiful disqualifier in my humble opinion. 7:14

    1. Ib14188. Hi there. For what it is worth, thank you for your wonderful and wise comment. I most sincerely hope as many people as possible take heed, and solace, from your very precious contribution. However, it seems that the notion of “proper family values” has taken a kind of odd turn, if one considers the recent highjacking of “proper family values” that the present incarnation of the Republican party is operating at the moment. It is trying to destroy women’s and their loved ones’, right to decide about their own determination of what “family values” should be. It is trying to regiment the educational material that should be made unavailable to responsible and educated parents. But, as for the main gist of your statement, thank you. YOu seem to be a truly good person. I wish you the very best.

    2. As a 50+ myself, I respectfully suggest that it isn’t so much Biden’s age that makes people dubious about him as a candidate; instead it’s the more intense scrutiny of his running mate that gives people pause since, if, Gawd forbid, something happens to Biden, Harris would become the President–something that, lets face it, has a higher probability due to Biden’s age–and, while I have no issues with a woman or a person of color holding the office, I’ve heard unflattering things about Harris that incline me to believe she would be a disastrous leader of our country. Granted, not as disastrous as Trump by several orders of magnitude, but not good for the country never the less. I realize this is just my opinion, but it’s also shared by a lot of others.

      Nevertheless, I would still vote for Biden over any of the Republican offerings with the exception of Hutchinson should so miracle happen that somehow makes him the Republican candidate. He’s getting my primary vote and they need to be giving him more media coverage as the only one in the Republican race that’s willing to drop the hammer on Trump and the MAGA party.

    3. @Dominique Brasseur Thanks! I wansn’t raised in a political party. Just a slow learner. I know right from wrong. The first time I ever registered to vote was to vote against Trump! I never thought my vote would count. But I believe it did! I live in a RED community and have only two females who to talk to who agree 100% with my reality. IT IS DIFFICULT TO FEEL LIKE EVERYONE IS BLIND when so many are wealthier and more educated than I am. I will vote every major and minor election from here forward against evil and foolishness. And I pray, even though I really don’t have a faith. I enjoyed the comedy HE WAS for four years but, It isn’t funny any more it is downright frightening. Thanks. I don’t intend to offend anyone. I SEE what I see.

    4. @Taco No Baka I’ll research Hutchinson. Thanks! WE just need someone logical, that can listen to advisors and doesn’t care about the limelight and drama. College educated, literate, informed, DECENT… respectable. A respectable human. Why is that such a tall order?

    1. His obsession with Disney is just bonkers. I mean if he wants to sink the largest employer in his state

    2. @Belly Dancer Em Not a way to run a State. I think he is a small man with a chip on his shoulder. i just can’t see why he is so filled with hate.

  6. For all the talk and hubbub, I don’t think Desantis could beat his meat, or anything else outside of FL crazy.

    1. MIND yourself,
      I agree👏🏿👏🏿😅😅
      RFK Jr 2024🇺🇸👍🏿👏🏿💯
      Honest Leadership. Real Change.

  7. In the aftermath of the Town Hall, i love how defensive the panel sounds, reminding us how important it is they exposed an acehole we all already know and “love.”🤮

    1. You and me both, Logan! What a joke. I guess CNN wants to be called CNN Entertainment now. I’m not sure who the clown CEO is, but he certainly has established the circus and the monkeys. Speaking of circus animals, I wonder if Tucker will be appearing soon.

  8. No one mentioned the other factor in the equation: the deluge of indictments coming for trump, and added defamation rulings, perhaps jail for contempt of court.

  9. Desantis is an authoritarian King – in his own words, ads and his bobble-head style. All he needs is his version of the royal crown that he would put on his own head. Can’t wait for the NFT trading cards!!!! [NOT].

  10. “The purpose of the Republican Party is to beat the Democrats.” – Scott Jennings
    With this kind of mindset, no wonder Congress is in such a mess. No, the purpose of ANY party is to improve the lives of the people you serve. In return, they reward your good work by giving you the power to represent them. Since no one will give up anything unless they get something in return, this requires both sides to make compromises or they end up with gridlock that we see today.

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