Does Telford’s testimony prove the need for a public inquiry? | Power Play with Joyce Napier

MPs discuss their reactions to Katie Telford's testimony, and if David Johnston can be objective as special rapporteur.

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  1. A public inquiry is required regardless, and no, David Johnson, no matter his qualifications, cannot be considered ‘objective’.

    1. ​@ryan radcliffehe is a close friend of the Trudeau family and he was on the board of administration of the Trudeau foundation. That’s why.

  2. specail rapporture is a joke, he has a long history with Prime Minister, plenty of candidates for the role have none of this, choosing this person does not pass the smell test, processes exist for looking into this already, it is called a public inquiry

  3. Telford must have the world’s worst memory….she couldn’t remember or refused to answer a single question.

  4. It solidifies the need for a public inquiry. She answered nothing and clearly provided conflicting information (given by trudeau). She is insisting Johnston will handle it all. Johnstons job is to figure out how to go forward and make sure this happens again. The inquiry is to find out what happened in the past few elections, who knew what, who benefitted, who interfered and why wasn’t anything done.

  5. Public inquiry is needed. The
    only thing Telford did today was confirm why Canadians should not trust the current government.

  6. A respectable PM would instantly allow for a public inquiry or quietly resign. And the excuse, it could harm national security is laughable when considering, a proper inquiry could actually uncover a willful breech of that very thing by politicians.

  7. . It is ridiculous that Canada’s security and international alignment should be dependent on the words and opinions of these Trudeau servants. We need a public inquiry !!

  8. Nu we been a Public Investigation, he is too close to JT & definitely biased, as we won’t get the truth.

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