Katie Telford asked if she thinks a public inquiry is warranted #shorts

NDP MP Rachel Blaney asked Katie Telford if she'd would support a public inquiry into alleged election interference.

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  1. Her answer and face expression suggest that she will do everything in her effort to hide everything she knows. Her answer here “yes” you better call for public inquiry because I won’t tell you anything

  2. Do you think she will answer and lose her job? What a joke. She’s the champion of Champ answering nothing instructed my her boss.

  3. To do a Public enquiry, the Conservatives would have to have an honest Conservative to run it…since that is impossible …this is a dead end..

    1. this isn’t about the conservatives it’s about the liberals using other liberals to investigate themselves. Just like they used a liberal judge and friend of the family to determine if the emergencies act was justified. Are you suggesting the liberals investigating themselves would show no bias? A public inquiry does not mean conservatives get to determine an outcome

  4. Talk to a Liberal voter.They are the same in this regard.Insert picture of their hands over their ears loudly saying ‘ LA LA LA ‘ .

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