‘Doesn’t Feel Like’ Everything On The Table: GOP Rep. Who Was Pulled From Committee

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-N.D.), one of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s initial choices for the Jan. 6th Select Committee, talks about the questions he would have asked if he had been present during the first day of testimony.

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‘Doesn’t Feel Like’ Everything On The Table: GOP Rep. Who Was Pulled From Committee


    1. @Mark Evans it’s un-American of you to attack an American patriot like we have in Adam Schiff! Dopey don lost one election 65 times… I’ve never seen anything like that lol

  1. They should have gone with the first offer they received for a bipartisan committee, instead of trying to make it a circus.

    1. @J SMARTIN what I’m saying is McCarthy had an opportunity to have this bipartisan commission but he refused that’s what I’m saying!

    1. You all look “ALIVE ” to me ..Must all be CRY BABIES COPS ..want a band aid with that..

    2. @bombastic attitude Lol a friend of mine once said that if any of those Republicans who tried to downplay the riot and were robbed or assault, the cops should just ignore them

    1. Banks blamed the Biden admin for jan6 even though they weren’t even in power at the time. Then he blamed pelosi for security failures on jan6 even though pelosi is not in charge of capitol security at all and many of the people who were had been Republican-appointed. Banks and Jordan never had any intention of taking this seriously.

  2. ” These officers deserved to have their stories told ..”””” doesn’t explain why Republican reps refused to meet with them in the weeks after the insurrection ….. McCarthy FINALLY agreed to meet Fanone several months after that day …

    1. @JTuaim I find it rather insightful that over 17 thousand republicans have formally left the Republican Party in Arizona alone…FACT!!!
      Edit… my last comment was meant for Logan M…not JtUaim!
      Again, sorry for the misunderstanding.

    2. @Kevin Offutt
      Than my apologies as well. Butting in on an open forum is common. I really don’t know the rules if there are any beyond social norms.

  3. Mr. Armstrong, of course everything is not on the table, yet. It is the first day! As the course of events unfold, as has been said, the facts will lead the investigation and more will be put on the table. As for Pelosi reserving the right to reject, you all blew it big time, when you negotiated in bad faith and did not vote for the bipartisan investigation agreed upon.

    1. That’s what they’re afraid of – the facts leading the investigation and more being put on the table.

    2. @Logan M why? And why do you think people are leaving DEMOCRATIC party and why would they need anyone to follow?

    3. You all look “ALIVE ” to me ..Must all be CRY BABIES COPS ..want a band aid with that..

  4. It is so hard to listen to republican reps. they talk such nonsense. they try to confuse and obfuscate. shame on them

    1. @Logan M I’m French too and not your friend, and I’m saying if you have a French friend saying that Biden must go, then this friend of yours must be a supporter of Marine Le Pen, our own far-right politician, who is also a supporter of Trump…
      Biden won fair and square, and Trump is just a wannabe dictator who has been reading too many of Hitler’s speeches.
      Don’t believe his obvious lies.

    2. I doubt seriously that you have a friend in France or anywhere else.

      Trolls don’t have friends.

    3. Given the constant lies told by this Republican stooge, how could he Not roll his eyes?
      It’s an automatic reflex by people who care about truth and reality.

    1. @Kevin Turner : Cavernous Jack Hole. Trump could have stopped the attack on our Capital with one phone call. All of this “Nancy” business is just pure and blatant obfuscation. But go ahead and play your “Whataboutism” games. It’s only our Democracy in the balance. Shame! A better question is why doesn’t the GQP want us to know the truth?

    2. You all look “ALIVE ” to me ..Must all be CRY BABIES COPS ..want a band aid with that..

    3. @maria schultz
      Not under the laws that applied in that situation, she was breaking into a Federal Government Building.

  5. I’m so proud of these Men. The children at the GOP deserve the ire of the American people.

    1. So Republicans are saying that if the capital police were properly equipped and trained …no one would have bleached the capital…so trump is innocent of inciting a riot. There would have been a peaceful protest …the oath keepers and proud boys would have just packed their picnic baskets and gone home peacefully….lol

    2. You all look “ALIVE ” to me ..Must all be CRY BABIES COPS ..want a band aid with that..

    1. Creepublicans are showing the world that they do not believe in democracy.
      They want a system like North Korea has… or Russia, where rich gangsters rule and the ordinary people starve.

    2. Half of America doesn’t care and keeps reelecting these traitors.
      So what does that say about Them?

    3. There is no longer a Republican Party.
      That group of imposters and posers now affecting that name are Trumpian Insurrectionists, who should all be impeached for sedition and treason.

  6. This guy Kelly Armstrong would have just tried to obfuscate and obstruct the investigation. That is the only reason why McCarthy would choose him.

    1. Amen… McCarthy let the trump choose them and then McCarthy returned and revealed the list that the trump made.

    2. I wouldn’t trust any of these Republican in the GOP cus all of them are blind to see the truth

    3. You all look “ALIVE ” to me ..Must all be CRY BABIES COPS ..want a band aid with that..

    1. No one is leaving the Democratic Party. They are, however, leaving the Republican Party by the droves, whether voluntarily, or by covid deaths.

    1. @Damien Darko247 Yeah, republicans that oppose the word “insurrection” when clearly it was an insurrection lose all credibility IMO.

    2. @Damien Darko247 you’re right and we’re looking at facts. They can keep their feelings lol… And you know I’m putting much more nicely than they do to us lol

    1. You all look “ALIVE ” to me ..Must all be CRY BABIES COPS ..want a band aid with that..

  7. The police never expected that a sitting president of the USA would incite his followers to attack them.

    1. @marcelo brozovic I’m Australia and i knew it was going to go pear shaped. I really think most Americans didn’t think this was possible.

    2. @marcelo brozovic
      dude dont forget thanks to fox”news” oan and “news”max they have propaganda running 24/7 like the nazis did

  8. What’s missing is trump an his cohorts haven’t been arrested for inciting an insurrection

    1. YET!!!
      States slam through investigations, the Fed’s don’t, they take their time to get everything right, as a result of taking their time, their conviction rate is over 98%.

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