Dogs spared from euthanasia in the nick of time | Animalkind


    1. @Smurfette Did It I didn’t said that. ..& it’s great the dog was rescued. ..nice day. …

  1. So pigs, who are equally as intelligent, can continue to get abused and killed? Mad world we live in.

  2. My dog Truman was on his last day. They said he was lame, the said he was incorrigible and had a bad attitude. He had 23 ticks in his neck, vet techs could not get close enough to him to remove them. He was in need of a hair cut.
    His previous person had died.
    4 years later, and I cannot begin to tell you of the joy my little Truman brings me!!
    Love love love, he’s all about love. Maybe barking too!!
    My life has been forever changed with the love of my little True man.

  3. I love love love what you do you are all saints in my eyes I wish they where cheaper in getting them fixed by vets here in Georgia its an arm and a leg to get your animals fixed so sad!

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