White House fence covered with ‘BLM’ posters | USA TODAY

White House fence decorated with signs for George Floyd and 'Black Lives Matter' movement
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Protesters have covered the fence outside the White House with messages honoring George Floyd and speaking out against racism.

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  1. Need common sense at public schools. No intelligent design bullcrap.

    We don’t even have basic parts of elementary school available, ..apathy thick from pos bvsh era

  2. Let me try and grasp this… BLM… Except in their own community???
    Why am I not getting this????

    1. @Dee J These facts you speak will fall on deaf ears. Time to change BLM to BVM(black votes matter)

    2. I understand the police need someway to use force to restrain an arrestee and certainly don’t agree with defunding the police, but what I get furious about is when white people believe that racism doesn’t exists. They always list these facts about white people are more likely to get shot by police than black people, but that still doesn’t reveal the blatant racism in the police force and the criminal justice system and let alone most racist incidents with police get conveniently get erased from the system. Also the fact that dee said black privilege is real is insane. What I’m trying to convey is that a black will most likely be worse than a white life due to the fact that this country was created on the backs of slavery. Cheers.

    3. @Anderzzz so there’s no hope? STFU already then. Get over it and live a good life while you still have a chance.

  3. The majority of the American people aren’t being blinded by the BS of the mainstream media 🇺🇸

    1. The mainstream media just hides all the facts and evidence that oppose their far left views, for example there is never any mention of the fact that 55% of people killed by police are white.

  4. Nine year old boy in NY said we’re not two races (remember he’s only nine) we’re just one, the human race. If a nine year old can get it why can’t adults.

    1. @M D Adam, Noeh, Abrahim were Black. Esau(Redman) and Jacob were 2 nations and they came from a black woman. So, BLM covers the Human race. Not unless your the seed from the Sons(fallen angels) of Yah(god)

  5. Alot of us blacks are disliking these videos because the media give false looks on blacks, thinking we are all the same, but not all blacks are the same, just like not all whites are the same. Everyone is different and it makes me upset that the media is GENERALIZING a group of people as if we all agree to this. WE DON’T AGREE. WE didn’t ask for everyone to go crazy as if they are mind-controlled. Hell, you got more white people damaging these places too and looting. I’ve witnessed it

    1. You know certain kind of folks don’t care if you graduate with a Doctorate degree. Their focus has always been to victimized and hide there deeds and use the media on all platforms to cover up there wicked deeds. And we are the scape goats. So, yeah bro, there is no need to prove your worth to anyone but The Most High YAH. He be here soon hold on.

    2. the media are playing a big part i agree, there is good and bad in everyone
      all the best to you Jermaine from the UK

    3. do not worry jamaine my worry is the rumours going around that the next statues which they are targeting SPEED CAMERAS

  6. To all the comments that have their own opinions on this BLM or anything that’s taking place now , Let us acknowledge The one and only thing that does matter and that is God remember him
    We cannot have the victory without him first 11 chronicles 7: 13-14 is the simple answer right now
    All these things are happening now because we have decided to handle things our way if you know or read your bible it clearly says these things would and is happening l challenge all of you my sisters and brothers as a race of beautiful people to truly pray and see what God can do without all the craziness that’s going on even the pandemic ok love you all praying for each and everyone and if you join me in prayer continually this will be favorable for us as the bible says the first will be last and the last will be first please open you eyes God is just as tired of all of this unfairness to and he will turn it around if we seek him not to get what we want but to always acknowledge him
    Be blessed truly love you all even if I never met you that’s where it all began with love when jesus died for us all

  7. Oh and for all the haters on this site do you know where you will spend eternity with hate full comments as such those you made. Hate is taught you weren’t born with it you only go by what you heard never really finding out about others imagine being the opposite race and see what it’s like and how you would want to be treated if you had to endure hatred without a cause .Other than being told and never really finding the truth
    I pray that you do find out so you can go to heaven to
    Trust me there will be lots of people who wont make it without repentance to God

  8. Respect to the guy who was in the civil rights movement from the 60s ✊

  9. Reading the comments as a European:
    WOW: The amount of ignorance and racism of white US American is unbelievable.

    1. Your country is not the same as ours. Come live in the south for 6 months or so and you’ll see why so many of us are racists. Kind of like the Muslim problem you are dealing with.

  10. And in other videos, why are there more whites helping damage everything then blame blacks for doing the destruction? Any answers? No answers? You must be guilty.

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