DOJ Inquiry Into Rep. Gaetz Said To Be Focused On Cash Paid To Women | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

DOJ Inquiry Into Rep. Gaetz Said To Be Focused On Cash Paid To Women | Morning Joe | MSNBC


A DOJ investigation into Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and an indicted Florida politician is focusing on their involvement with multiple women who were recruited online for sex and received cash payments, according to reports. Michael Schmidt discusses. Aired on 04/02/2021.
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DOJ Inquiry Into Rep. Gaetz Said To Be Focused On Cash Paid To Women | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Absolutely not a good look, money and under age girls. What happened to family values in the GOP or GQP?

    1. It’s all good so long it doesn’t come out in the open, apparently. But I guess by family values they mean fundamental Christian family values, where men call all the shots and women (and girls) are more or less property. Disgusting.

    1. @My Tale Gotcha kinda like Demons high on fetanol which is why they are fond of open borders. Border Patrol agents are babysitting instead of stopping your supply chain…Thanks for your Concern!

    2. @Meow Meow Communists can still be Facists (eg Stalin, North Korea, Pol Pot, and Romania pre 1989).

    3. Why are they even worried about this they should be worried about other things this is not important

    1. I was sceptical that Trump would ever go to jail, but everything now starts to spill out, the rats turn on each other, and serious, top level lawyers get paid to close in, I realise it’s inevitable.

      Genuine question – what jail will Trump be sent to initially? And what facility will he serve the majority of sentence in?

      Will Don Junior be sent to the same facility?

    1. @omik redarhcs Bringing people across state lines will default it to 18 years old.
      Federal minor laws… regardless if it’s from a deviating ‘age of consent’ state.

  2. Gaetz so worried about Dr. Suess being cancelled he won’t be able to read them to his dates fitting their age range

    1. @Amrit Singh I’m glad somebody else picked up on the irony of that. The idea that Marjorie Taylor Greene, of all people, would be his only supporter is completely laughable!

    2. I’m a Florida resident and I never liked this guy! He is a bad apple and extremely immature. Just another guy from a wealthy family who thinks he is above the law like the time he got out of that DUI! William Bar started this investigation,…I mean C’mon this has to be really bad!! NO PARDONS MATT TIME TO PAY THE PRICE!

  3. The sincerest representation of the not so “moral majority” . There’s much and Many more to be sure?

    1. @Hard Boiled Mahoney He’s gonna make some dude a pretty little prison wife.
      Matt: “Why do they call you Big Mike?”
      Big Mike: “It ain’t ’cause o’ my waistline sweetcheeks.”

      If he’s guilty it’s better than he deserves.

  4. Gaetz: “You remember Tucker, when we were in the hotel lobby and I withdrew $1200 from the ATM”

    1. Then why have Gaetz and the Republicans been demonizing them for the last year? Demanding boycotts and hearings and breakups and jailings. Gosh, why Gaetz himself has been especially vocal about how evil Apple and Google are. Wow, if only someone could point out the hypocrisy of him using these evil companies’ technology to engage in evil acts. And maybe someone could point out the irony of that being the way he got caught. Nah, people are too stupid to pick up on that.

  5. Gaetz was just having a bad day and acted out because he never got to party with Epstein like his idol did.

    1. @Rumi900 Trump met Melanoma through Epstein. Trump turned his back on Epstein, when he went after Ivanka

    2. @Rumi900 There are public pictures of Trump at a party with Epstein and their recruiter Maxine Ghiswell (spelling). Trump has such a good reputation. NOT

    1. @Mack Jr Bell Jordan protects predators, just like he did when he was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State.

    1. Here’s the thing. With no friends in the Party they will be lining up to hand over the money trail. He’s screwed.

  6. Minimum 10years for others but longer sentence for Gaetz as he is an elected senator & moreover he’s in the Judiciary committee. I can’t wait to see him handcuffed, with his trademark mask dressed in orange jumpsuit.

    1. @BJ Smith _”Does it really matter?”_

      Yes it does insofar as a representative’s term between elections is 2 years; a senator’s term is 6 years. The latter house having fewer members holds far more power per member than the members of the lower house.

  7. This is all connected to what Michael Cohn said,”those that stick with Trump,will go down with Trump,no matter the cases.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Trump’s supporters are aware of it, because they’re trash just like Trump. This is why they are quick to say that they don’t care what Trump and his minion drones does.

    1. @Natasha Peterson Nunes could join their club a go the same way. That would be cream on the cake!

    2. Republicans always say that they an ‘innocent’ piece of crap. It is always someone else’s fault….a ‘witch hunt’.

  8. FOR a lawmaker to have committed these crimes IS deplorable and must be given the maximum sentence to deter others from doing the same

    1. @tace martin
      This investigation was started by
      trump & bill Barr.
      Remember that tace.
      The whole repub party knew about it.
      No screaming “the libs are after him”.
      He is filth.

  9. The way he talks to people…Karma at it’s best…..You can’t actually go up to him and punch him in the face.this is pretty close

    1. The guy is the biggest sociopath in the whole US.. To me he was always a poster boy for sociopaths. A pure monstrosity.

    2. @Chris Allison Who’s on that list?
      Mine has Cruz, Moscow Mitch, Bratty Matty , Linsey Graham and Dirty Donny.

    3. At least with this scandal we now know why Gaetz was so upset about Dr Seuss and the Muppets. He likes to read and watch them with his little girlfriends.

    1. @Insignificant360, no, not Garland. I’m a dork who commented on the wrong post…lol. Gaetz is the creepy one.

    2. I need him to also get Billy Barr, nasty liar, dirty, and flip-flopper.
      Soon as he saw his daddy was not going to get away with it, he made a suppose turn-around.
      The law is coming for you Billy!

    3. AINT IT??? LMFAOOOO all they had to do was make him a justice but nooo, he’s now AG and he’s definitely going to be bringing down Matt and I’m sure those who denied him of a hearing including Moscow Mitch

    4. @Lucio Martínez Bill Barr did it to himself, he knew exactly what he was doing, he’s going to go down hard.

  10. So the GOP knew about this and told their folks not to be pictured with him. Classic CYA instead of reporting this to police or FBI.

    1. @craig short they always are. If there’s a scandal involving democrats republicans are all over it, but silent when it’s their own

    2. Not reporting it is allowing it to continue, and is another broader scandal. An internal GOP policy to allow minors to be abused?

    3. @Graphic design for Free That’s just a talking point… not something they actually care about.

    4. It’s just like Republican’s like one in Frankfort,Ky that was accuse of spousal abuse and the party took him back and now he’s tangle up in something else. They have no moral or respect for other people.

  11. I guess we now know why Gaetz was the only Republican who voted against a human trafficking bill in 2017… he thought it’d hurt small business

    1. @Jordan Myles: That is just too priceless! I salute you for your concern about small businesses! Matt is truly nasty. If he and I were in the same elevator, I’d have to shower immediately after.

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