DOJ Plans Lawsuit Over Texas Abortion Law: Reports

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland will reportedly announce plans for DOJ to sue Texas over the state's new abortion law.
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    1. Here in central Texas and we Really need to get rid of these people abbutt/dan patrick/paxton/gohmert as they are totally fine with Texans dying! Please take care

    1. @Ampersandrascott and Merrick Garland is acting like bill barr 2.0.
      I had so much hope in him ! And it has been disappointment after disappointment. JUSTICE MATTERS !

    2. @ChooseLIFE – I’m with you. Unless Garland proves us wrong and has something up his sleeve, of course. I’ll be happy to be proved wrong. But if he has, he should have signaled that to the American people by now because we want JUSTICE.
      Trump and the others committed endless crimes with impunity, and it’s unacceptable. Gutless Garland needs to resign if he’s not up to the job.

  1. Abortion clinics outside of Texas should start keeping track of all the GQP legislators just in case one or more bring over a relative or mistress to get abortions for them. Record the arrival and the paperwork, then use the footage as evidence to sue them for assisting an abortion in their home state.

    1. @Chris You’re saying that like the GQP aren’t shameless hypocrites. Your Spray Tan Messiah had his mistresses abort more times than NASA in a bad year. 😈

    2. The GOP have their very own versions Theodor Morell (Hitler’s doctor) as their personal doctors to treat them.

    1. The DOJ is extremely busy. It takes time to gather info and evidence. Jan. 6th is ongoing, and ongoing, and ongoing.

    2. Exactly. He seems to be too weak and cowardly to save American democracy. And the crimes of the Trump administration are going to be repeated because there are no consequences. Garland should retire if he isn’t up to the job. Ditto Joe for not saying he will sign to expand the Supreme Court.

    3. @Rene Jean what are you talking about? Garland has been on the war path since he was sworn in. He already has 2 lawsuits here in GA. 2 more in Florida and now that Abbott signed those laws he immediately filed suit in Texas. What else do you want from him?

    1. @J M M Guns violence have had an negative effect on society, mass shooting play out in the media 24/7, this needs to be addressed because innocent people are killed around the clock

  2. This not very-well thought out law …….and this lawsuit …..which the DOJ will win ……will pretty much insure a win for the Democrats in the mid-terms …..and win for the Democrats in the 2024 presidential ….Women will crawl thru an obstacle course to vote AGAINST the party looking to take away their right ….

    1. You forgot to add cut glass to that obstacle course…but glass or no glass I am still all in😁🀣

  3. The real problem with the Texas law is it gives standing to people who have suffered no damages to sue others, it doesn’t make any sense.

    1. Exactly! The same process could be used to pass literally ANY unconstitutional law.

      How about a federal ban on handguns? But instead of being enforced by the federal government, allow any individual to sue any person they think owns or intends to obtain a handgun for $10k. Similar to the Texas law, let them sue in any court, don’t allow changes of venue, and hold the defendant responsible for the court costs, even if they win.

      That law is flatly unconstitutional – full stop. But the government isn’t enforcing it – individual citizens are, so by the reasoning of the Texas legislature, well, too bad.

    2. @angela bluebird60 But the TXGQP is gaming the system to prevent the federal government from taking direct action by having the state not enforcing it and instead outsourcing it to Y’alliban religious police. If they wore a keffiyeh and a beard Murikans would shriek their heads off. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

    3. @M.J. Yep. Unlike other Presidents, Baby Cheesus never reached 50% approval rating even once. πŸ˜†

  4. Sue yes these Republicans all they care about is money. Money for them lots of it. They are Greedy Selfish people.

  5. So grateful to our AG for attacking this unconstitutional law. Abbott knows it was never written to stand up to a court of law.

    1. Strange that the DOJ finally shows up to do something
      Where were they when the constitution was being broken in the last November elections ? πŸ€”… what’s wrong with this picture…
      Are the killing of babies more important?..

    1. It’s not your body your choice anymore covid mandates squashed all of that. Make sure you follow the law in Texas and the upcoming law in FL that will make Texas look liberal✌

  6. An unwanted pregnancy is a real thing. And women need to have options. Laws like the one in TX are about oppressing women and supporting the GQP patriarchy.

    1. @Paul True, you are so right! And it is the responsible thing to do. If more men wore condoms we wouldn’t have all these unwanted pregnancies nor abortions, would we? πŸ™‚

    1. First settlers came from England 400 years ago to get away from the state’s interference in their religious practice. Codification of religious law is the opposite of what we have always stood for.

  7. Great to see the DOJ taking action here! The TX law is a huge step backward for American women, and it cannot be allowed to stand.

    1. Coercing people to inject any substance into their bodies without their informed medical consent can’t be allowed to stand either

  8. What Garland didn’t even mention was the absurdity of 5 Supreme Court justices believing it is OK for Texas to institute vigilante law complete with cash bounties. If these 5 can ignore constitutional rights in this way maybe its time the executive branch considered ignoring the court decision and using federal powers to defend civil rights. What is now clear is that the right wing ideologues that now control the court will act with impunity as long as they are allowed to.

    1. Attacking a co-equal branch of government would not have helped in any way, just as it didn’t help when Obama criticized the justices over the Citizens United ruling. If Democrats can win a few Senate seats in the midterms (which now seems way more likely than before), they can then get rid of the filibuster and add some justices to the court. I see no other realistic way to solve the issue…

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