Colorado Gov. Polis: CDC Should ‘Act Faster With Data They Have’ On Boosters

Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) criticized the CDC for not rolling out Covid-19 vaccine booster shots for the elderly. 
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  1. Yes, please utilize the vaccines for booster shots instead of destroying them, because the people who should be getting their 1st dose, don’t want it, use the vaccine for some good, for the boosters for the people who do WANT TO LIVE !!!

    1. @V C Ventilators are NOT good to use. There were many people with the Wuhan put on them and THAT is what ended up killing them Like Cancer people who get CHEMO will die because Chemo destroyed their immune system. But your scenario, whoever gets there first. going on 2 years counting cases and deaths, yet we never do that any other time. Flu season, 4 months everything else, yearly. If we did that with the FLU we’d show 75 MILLION cases and 100k or more DEAD. We don’t. 0.0019% is the U.S. death rate. Yet how many of them were from heart attacks, strokes, hospice, diabetes but because they tested “positive” it was Wuhan.. Per CDC guidlines.

    2. @Wisconsin Man I agree a ventilator is not good for you, and they are not used unless absolutely necessary, but the choice of being put on a ventilator or dying, because you cannot get enough oxygen into your lungs, to sustain your vital organs, you make the choice, but if I were on the committee to make the decision between 2 people who needed the machine, I WOULD ALWAYS VOTE FOR THE PERSON COVID-19 VACCINATED OVER THE NON VACCINATED PERSON, you have had plenty of time to get VACCINATED.
      And that information does make it into the decision process, just like with organ transplants.

    3. @V C did you not hear the man say he has natural immunity that would imply that he’s had covid or don’t you get it

    1. @Scientific Methodologist you said this in another thread. I think you mean “breakthrough” cases. And there would be no such cases in the unvaccinated as by definition you would have to have the vaccine for it to break through.

    2. @Wisconsin Man the problem is that people are taking the veterinary mixture. And until recently it was only prescribed to people with the condition it treats… intestinal parasites. Seeing as corona viruses are viruses and live in your sinuses it would have no effect. There is a correlation issue where people have taken it and naturally gotten over the virus and think that it helped in some way. The real danger is in ivermectins misuse but more so the misinformation giving people an out for getting the vaccine. Now I have a question… why are people more on board taking something orally instead of an injection? Because both are cdc approved so that can’t be the issue… the amount of either administered couldn’t be the issue either as the vaccine is actually higher in the administrative sense. So is it simply a needle? Is it blood related? What do you think?

    3. @Edward Green Well first off, you have been LIED to by fakestream. Joy Reid, Maddow and CNN had people on or were ding a story on it about SE Oklahoma hospitals flooded with OD’s from Ivermectin, Horse paste, they said. Yet the Director of that area hospitals stated in a letter that NO ONE had been seen for OD. NO patients were ever turned away for any reason. Now did someone take horse dewormer? Maybe. It’s like when HCQ was first talked about and what did MSM do? That story on the husband wife who took it and the husband died and it was fish bowl cleaner. MSM reported they took it, because TRUMP said it was good. A LIE. They were PRO Democrat, had donated to Democrats. She wanted a divorce and, not heard since, but was questioned for killing her husband. As far as the Jab goes, well, when prior to Wuhan, VAERS was where you went and reported any side effects or death from a Jab or Meds. Yet NOW, well, they don’t worry about those reports. 14,000+ have died after getting the jab. Years, Decades of testing and research for jabs and sometimes theyget scraped because they are to harmful. 1955 Polio vax that the Gov’t pushed was scraped after 10 kids died after getting the jab. Like 100k were hospitalized. Yet we should trust these after a few months? C’mon. 0.0019% is the death rate in America. Thats counting 19 months worth and not the usual 1 year or like the regular flu, 4 months. Stop living in Fear. If someone has health issues, yes, protect them. Just like they would during any flu season.

  2. Every amrican sincely for educating avoiding vaccination to safe life of olders, young’s and children for making great America under presidentship of Biden

    1. @Scientific Methodologist well there would be none for the unvaccinated as by definition you would need to be vaccinated for them to “breakthrough”

    2. @Scientific Methodologist now I would also like to point out that your mistrust of the provided data falls under the “moving goalpost” fallacy. Now… I could google the numbers for you if you like?

    3. Yeah and you’re one of them listen to your government they won’t Lead You astray you have all the help you need your vaccinated don’t worry about anybody else

    1. @Wisconsin Man COVID-19 IS NOT THE FLU…Yes, sadly some people do die from the flu, BUT NOT IN THE SAME NUMBERS we are seeing with this COVID-19 virus.
      AS WE HAVE SEEN THIS IS A DEADLY VIRUS, I have seen it up close and personal in the hospitals.

    2. @Scientific Methodologist you feel? Sounds like an emotional choice…. Doesn’t sound very scientific or methodical.

  3. Pick 1 or 2, not both.
    1. We can’t trust the CDC because they rush to judgement and do not take enough time to make decisions.
    2. We can’t trust the CDC because they wait to long to make decisions.

  4. Informed and educated people have been vaxinated .what’s up with the others .that being said it’s their free ….dumb maybe.

  5. I’m genuinely interested to see how the government spins the numbers when 100% of the country is forcefully vaccinated and covid is still spreading like wildfire.

    1. Oh that’s easy because it’s totally possible. as the virus mutates under vaccination hesitation eventually it will out pace the ability of the vaccines to produce appropriate antibodies to prevent it. There are virus videos on YouTube that explain it already.

    2. Much like how there are flu vaccines but the flu still exists. Vaccines can only destroy the chain of a virus if it is halted early enough.

    3. @Edward Green Interesting why the government keeps talking about the idea that if everyone gets vaccinated then covid goes away lol

    1. So instead of it going to the back of the queue, they put it at the front of the queue under an emergency status. It went through the exact same review with the exact same time frame as every other drug on the market.

  6. If we allow the government to keep breaking the laws during “emergencies”,
    they will keep creating “emergencies” to break the law

    1. So instead of it going to the back of the queue, they put it at the front of the queue under an emergency status. It went through the exact same review with the exact same time frame as every other drug on the market.

  7. “If someone dies WITH covid-19, we are counting that as a Covid-19 death.” – Direct quote from Dr. Birx at the Coronavirus Task Force press conference. You could literally make a stuffy nose the leading cause of death using this rule.

  8. Imagine being fully “vaccinated” and getting “Covid-19” again
    And then imagine that same “vaccine” being so effective that you need a booster shot… 2 months after taking the first two
    Makes sense to me.

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