DOJ Says Congress Has Authority To See Trump’s Taxes

NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams brings us the latest on the DOJ opinion that Congress has the authority to see former President Trump's tax returns.
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    1. @Dularr every other honest President before him…and after, released their tax returns to show the people they represent can trust them. Trump didn’t, and spent millions to keep them hidden. In that little wee were able to see, we discovered he paid more taxes in China than here, and in other occasions he paid zero taxes, which is less than you and me. Why?

    2. @JJS 1990 – Obviously, there is reasonable suspicion that he committed crimes that his tax returns could shed light on. You don’t understand it? It’s the subject here.

    3. @John H. – What? That IS the incident. Biden wanted a Ukrainian prosecutor fired because he wasn’t prosecuting crooks in his jurisdiction. That was backed by the Republicans. Biden did not stop an investigation into his son. That company was simply under investigation. The company, not Hunter Biden.

    4. @Papa Wheelie Uh oh, you have embarrassed yourself – taxes are a much better measure of wealth than someone’s guess. You must be a low-intelligence commenter. 😁

    5. @mick pratt Well, like I said, there is a reason everyone else did released their Taxes to show good faith, why not him?

    1. @Joboygbp Edwards Oh my… Democrats have super powers and are destroying our country in record time. And Pelosi has single handedly caused an opiate epidemic. I like your humor, but you’re not not going to convince many people, that the sky is falling.

    2. @Jim Brew Start with CRT. Not a very good policy for our Military cohesiveness. They are more concerned about that than Military training. I hope you are smart enough to see that.

    3. @Chmied,
      It is N O T dual citizenship!! It I S citizenship in more than one animal species; human and orangatan.

    4. @Jim Brew Just put the junkies up in hotels and give them drugs and syringes and let people shoplift up to $900 without any consequences. Let the homeless shoot up and crap all over the streets. Democrat policies are insane. Barbra Boxer got mugged. Nice job Pelousi. 25 years of Democrat rule and you are seeing the fruits of a their insane policies.

    1. @bobs hanery The IRS sees the return and determines how much money was paid in taxes, and if any is short or if there was too much (to issue a refund). That’s it. Period. The House Ways and Means Committee has the option to actually investigate those taxes.

    2. @Eldorf The_Wise But why didn’t they ask to see the taxes of other past Presidents? Or the current one?
      They are asking for taxes from years before he was in office. And only for him. I’m sure it isn’t political at all.

    3. @Jason Alexander There was no need to ask for them. The previous presidents (starting with Nixon) all provided them for all to see.

      You’d like to think it’s political but if Trump was on the hook to foreign banks / governments WE, The People need to know if the guy in the Oval Office was working for us or working for THEM.

    4. @bobs hanery That’s actually a fair question. Pelosi says it’s a matter of national security. That’s understandable, but he’s no longer president.

    5. @Eldorf The_Wise You believe documents provided by a campaign?
      You want Congress to make laws based on documents provided by a campaign?
      Prior Presidents have provided documents that have selective redactions that they claim to be returns. And the tax returns usually don’t provide such details. Only a full audit would do that. And Congress lacks the legal authority for such an audit.

      But all of them, including President Trump, have provided sworn financial statements.
      If Congress was serious, they would request returns for past and current Presidents and Vice Presidents, and then do a check against the campaign provided documents and the financial disclosure forms.

      But they aren’t serious.

      And, I would bet that this was announced late on a Friday because the IRS was told early on Friday and have already sent the documents over. To frustrate any court effort to block it.

    1. @Scott Harrison Yes I agree! As with his computer! All of it!
      Wait, what? The computer already has been checked? And released? What do you mean ‘there’s nothing on it?’ So, he was innocent!?? 😮

    2. @Chris give scott a break, that clown probably still believes trump won the election…we should help the mentally disadvantaged not antagonise then

    3. @Scott Harrison who’s paying u to troll and how much are u selling ur time for this sort of propaganda.

  1. But he’s being audited🥴It should be law that all public officials on the public dime have to show their taxes, especially the President.

  2. I say We the People should have a good hard look at Congress’ “blind trusts”

    1. Both the house and Senate have forgotten who is there boss. We the people elected them good or bad they work for us . Problem is the majority of the republican party believe they only work for trump… Their pay checks come from us tax payers , while trump thinks this is reality tv he is the ( your fired trump and his organization has ego problems! They think they are better than everyone else. From day 1 Biden has been very particular with ( if you disrespect anyone else your fired) also most politicians on both sides not clean . But saying truth is not valid to the discussion is not co

    2. @Pat Murray I guess you found a few other people who thought their representatives were looking out for their best interests and not their own.

    3. @philosophicalreason no, I think you misunderstood: there needs to be an active investigation with surveillance, some 430am raids, solitary confinement — really the whole 9 yards. I want them treated with the same level of contempt that they show all of us.

  3. I love this energy of “okay but let’s see yours too,” when it comes to congress. Publicly elected government employees should be required to be financially transparent. Follow the money and make them wear suits with their sponsor on it like Nascar

    1. They are mandated by the same law to be financially transparent but the difference is nobody ever asks to see there tax docs and follows thru. That law is there for all elected officials not just the potus! SO there you go

    2. @Robert McAree Your Chrystal ball is cracked. Or, I Know, you’re smokin crack. Bottom line is, you don’t know 💩.

    3. @Pasha Morris What good is transparency if nothings ever done about it. Rev. Al Sharpton has owed millions in back taxes for yrs. & Maxine Waters was let of the hook, by Obama. If they find something Trump did that was illegal, we’ll know. But if not, his taxes are his business.

    4. @Hugh Jass I know that former presidunce 💩for brains was the most corrupt ‘person’ to ever occupy the oval office and that he will die in prison!!!

    5. The voters have a right to know who controls these people financially. Trump should never have been on the ballot until he released his taxes and financial records for at least 10 years. This needs to be put into law.

  4. Now make all member’s of congress’s DONOR RECORDS publicly available…… with ALL DONOR NAMES…. and what COUNTRY they are in.
    But the white house using a criminal to sell hunter’s ” art “…… nothing to see here.

    1. @Good Goy yes, they are. You can look them up any time you want. I look at my congressman’s donor list every year and its obscene.

      What you CAN’T see is donations to PACs, thanks to the rupublicans PACs are FLOODED with ‘dark money’

  5. While we’re at it, we also have the authority to see every congress-person’s taxes, let’s release them all in one lump

    1. You soud so silly….Members of Congress, candidates for federal office, senior congressional staff, nominees for executive branch positions, Cabinet members, Supreme Court justices are required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 to file annual reports disclosing their personal finances. 🤦‍♂️ please stop watching Fox and Newsmax they will lie to you lol.

    2. @E. Nichols the fact ia its the opposite from obvious which is why we want to know. In case you didn’t know…members of Congress, candidates for federal office, senior congressional staff, nominees for executive branch positions, Cabinet members, Supreme Court justices are required by the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 to file annual reports disclosing their personal finances.

    3. @The Flash I do know. Presidents are not required, though they typically have. He never got paid/donated his salary and paid for all of their own decorations and travel though. And people still can’t give him props for that. He donated a huge salary all for great causes, but nobody will say that about anything he did while in office. Because it’s a smear campaign . They don’t want an outsider in office messing up their $ or showing them, as he did so well, how to help our economy and provide jobs here. If you don’t like him for whatever reason, people won’t even talk about the many great things he did…for free. The irs has all of his taxes already, proving that he does them. Also no charges or fines or anything has been levied against him by the irs. That alone says that they don’t have a reason to. What does pelosi need to see them for if the irs has said they’re fine. They are the government and do this stuff for a living if you didn’t know.

    1. Term limits on Congress, 2 terms max. They also pay into SSI, same level of healthcare as you and I, pay into 401k for their retirement ( no big ticket ) or golden parachute.

    1. Congress has been stonewalled for over 2 years by Trump, but it’s actually happening now. We’ll see how it goes. But they agreed to release Trump’s tax returns to Congress, they’ve been asking for 2 years. They agreed to release the notes on Trump pressuring the Deputy Attorney General, those were hidden when Trump was President. The DoJ went after Tom Barrack, and Trump’s DoJ sat on that for 2 years as well.

      Things are moving

  6. Audit all of congress too. Id be more interested in seeing where politicians amassed their wealth than a businessman. POLITICIANS SHOULDNT BECOME RICH WHILE WORKING IN POLITICS.

    1. Most are rich before running for office. They get richer from speaking engagements, book deals, etc.

    2. Look at Joe Manchin (R -WV). He makes half a million a year off coal industry investments… AND HE’S CHAIR OF THE ENERGY COMMITTEE.

      Plot Twist: he pushes to keep coal subsidized!

  7. Congress will see them, but I’m sure republicans will come down with a sudden and temporary blindness sickness.

  8. What happened, I thought Spanky J Bonespurs said he’d LOVE to release his taxes, if only that darn audit wasn’t preventing him from doing so. A “years long audit”.

  9. in other news,
    covid is ridding america of it’s maga terrorist problem.


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