Dominica – IPO Commission

To: Chairman Julian Johnson and Members of the IPO Commission

I have heard several persons including Tony Astaphan, Lennox Lawrence, Simeon Albert et al publicly on Kairi Fm  maligning the IPO and its members and usually trying to be “softer” on the Chairman..Not sure why.
This past Saturday Feb 23 they said
  1. IPO has Mendes as advisor in the Blaircourt mess and Mendes is “representing” the complainant Lennox Linton, the UWP etc ..Did the IPO not know all that they ask? Is Linton “inside” controlling the IPO?
  2. In any event “some members” of the IPO are biased…specifically Babs Dyer, Tony Laronde and Gerald Smith..
The Kairi FM gang provide no evidentiary basis for the charge except that these gentlemen belong to non-cabalist groups and hence must ipso facto be biased and CANNOT be expected to be objective dealing with the facts of the Blaircourt ownership case..Can the other members…e.g. Vanoulst Jno Charles.. of the Commission be biased as well..Certainly not..according to the Kairi gang..Presumably ALL THE OBJECTIVITY IS ON THEIR SIDE AND ALL BIAS ON THE OTHER SIDE
At this point I think it is imperative that the Commission Chairman make a public statement to defend the integrity of the IPO Commission , its members, its processes and protocols  and its decisions..Already there is a call for it to be disbanded,,,I do not share that view ..but according to some it has NOT measured up to its charge
For many Dominicans now,,, including leaders of our institutions,,,DHTA, DAIC, Judiciary, Church, media, citizens groups, unions, Bar Assoc, business leaders… “Hiding in the Bushes” is NOT a progressive strategy..nor is it in the national interest, your children’s interest or future generations..
As usual copied to Tony Astaphan and now Alick Lawrence

Dr Clayton A. Shillingford

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