1. @bkit5 Americans living in Afghanistan have known since 2019 that we were pulling out. Hell, they knew the date of may 2021 that Trump decided with the talibans since last year. At the beginning of this year they knew Biden was pushing the date a couple of months. Point is, they fucking knew and chose not to leave. I have no sympathy for the Americans that are stuck there. That’s like feeling sorry for the dumbasses that know a hurricane is coming and stay anyways and need to be saved afterwards. I’m just glad we got our soldiers out because that was a fucking waste of tax payer dollars.

    2. @Stephen David Bailey Exactly. Biden started getting people out earlier this year and many people neglected to register with our embassy, per the instructions of Blinken and Biden. We had unregistered Americans and some unregistered, non-vetted Afghans trying to get out at the last minute.

    3. @Jeff A You can’t be a Trump supporter if you support the Afgan war. That’s like claiming you’re a pacifist while murdering people

    1. @Benjamin Romberg Yes….liberals are traitors, they will lose. I can’t wait until the civil war starts….it will be over within 2 weeks. lol

    2. @Scotty Doggo Bullshit….Biden did an uncoordinated withdraw from Afghanistan, he doesn’t know WTF he is doing. Have you ever seen him, try to give a press conference…he can’t even talk coherently. Go ahead….tell I am wrong, I can post links to dozens of videos of him, looking like an Alzheimer’s patient. lol

    1. @Andy Leleisi’uao Did you know…in 2024 Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, are going to win back the White House? I bet you are going to be really pissed…lol

  1. Government officials who have a stake in keeping black and brown Americans poor and working for minimum wages in THEIR businesses.

    1. @Keith Thorson Not to mention all those votes…

      Wait illegals can’t vote?



      Oh unless it’s about vaccines…


    2. @Chris Whitley Please stop hating and insulting others because they may have a different opinion about how certain decisions may affect American citizens. Instead of casting insults, why not provide a reasoned and substantive argument as to why you think his claim is not factual?

    1. I have been a Democrat for 61 years, have never dined at a winery, not even the one millionaire Trump owns. My Republican brother, however, dines at them often. He may also be a millionaire. I neither know nor care.

    2. Imagine thinking the GOP isn’t “the party of the elites” 🤣 they are literally the anti-labor union party of tax-breaks for billionaires

  2. Denzel Washington said it best, “If you don’t watch the news you’re not informed, if you do watch the news you’re mis-informed.

    1. @Powerage Scott What misinformation specifically….you can’t just say that without actual proof, I know liberals like doing that.

  3. What’s funny is republicans made Hillary sit thru how many hearings on Benghazi? And now in our own country, Jan 6 and they don’t want a single investigation

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