1. @SuperSilverJay most people who really want an abortion will just put the child up for adoption. We have plenty of good conservative people here that will adopt and raise them “RIGHT”!😂 Most Hispanic Americans have conservative values and many are starting to wake up in Texas. We just had a democratic mayor lose to a republican in a border town that is 87% Hispanic. This town has never voted for a republican mayor in its entire history. People are pissed even dems.

  1. Texas: Masks and vaccine mandates inhibit my freedoms! My body, my choice!

    Also Texas: Your abortion is our choice!

    1. @Mr Deplorable2020 so quick fact check Republicans were against civil rights and voting rights (which they are trying to limit even today). Lincoln would be with democrats if he saw that Republican party became what he fought against. Republicans even disrespect Lincoln by having confederate flags at presidentil rallys…

    2. @Mr Deplorable2020 ehm 2nd amendment was made to catch slaves who escaped… noone wants to steal second amendment, but make actual restrictions so people wont get it so easily. You always say bad guy with gun and good guy with gun… If there were better restrictions bad guy would get gun much harder and therefore there would be more time for cops to catch bad guy before he commits murder. Why? Well because the bad guy has to get the gun somehow and if he cant get it legally, he has to do it illegaly that means robbing gunstores etc… therefore he will leave dna at the store and cops can catch him….

    3. @Mr Deplorable2020 if im correct and i think i am. Tax payers pay only for emergency abortion when the woman is at risk of life, or incest and rape…

    4. Stupidity shouldn’t be allowed to evolve, let these Democrats abort themselves into obscurity. Democrats can’t outsmart natural selection 😂

  2. 6 weeks is pretty small window. If you are counting from last day of period, that gives you 2 weeks from when your period was late to discover and decide. 8 weeks would have a little more reasonable. Our world doesn’t need more people who can’t care for children, having them. In my opinion that is cruel.

    1. If you are sexually active, it is your responsibility to take pregnancy tests to see if you are pregnant. Not hard at all

    2. The only reason abortion even exist is it’s like hiring a hitman you don’t have to get the blood on you you don’t have to pull the trigger you don’t have to see the dead body and the pregnancy you just act like it never happened that’s what people do that hire Hitman they figure they can just forget it what’s it’s murder either Way and I’m not here to judge you when you dying cross the other side the great lie detector is going to judge you you can’t fool God and for you people out there that don’t believe in God Heaven help you you’re living on borrowed time I don’t want to be anywhere near you because God will try to get your attention and it may not be good and I’ll also tell you to somebody very close to me had an abortion and it haunted her every since

    3. One other thing when you have sex and decide to create a life or take a chance that you may create a life your body is no longer yours inform me a good way to solve this we need to make the guy take the baby yeah a lot less unwanted pregnancies if that’s what the Court would rule

    4. One more time they created the precedent if they can make you get a vaccination they can stop you from having an abortion and no court in the land is going to rule otherwise because the precedent being set

    5. @Elizabeth Cullum Abortions do not involve kids?
      A baby’s heartbeat can be detected by transvaginal ultrasound as early as 3 to 4 weeks after conception. Once the child has a heartbeat under most circumstances, it’s pretty much murder.

    1. @David C _People have almost all of sudden forgot about the party that lives right down the middle. Called libertarian._

      Thank you so much. I needed a good laugh.

  3. How tf is the uber driver supposed to know why he’s taking you on a trip?

    What if an uber driver drove someone to a bank? Would he be an accomplice if that guy robs the bank?

    1. @Ngocdiep yeah if these females desire not to kill a baby how about turn the Jesus Christ from their sins don’t sleep around wait till God’s purpose to love and marriage and then pray to God for a baby in the righteous time.

      It’s crazy that these people have been programmed to believe that they can treat a baby like throwing trash into the garbage can like all I don’t want this after all just going to throw it in the garbage can

      People who support murder AKA abortion or absolutely depraved b

    2. @DonaldTrump IsTheGreatestPresidentOfAllTime Children’s lives matter too but Texans have a no masking mandate…go figure.

    3. @Ngocdiep many of these people believed that life came from algae from a pre-mortem soup yet they want you to believe that life in the womb is just a clump of cells.

      The Looking For Life on Mars but ignore life in a woman.

      These Wicked people according to their Godless failed ideologies they would have aborted the beginning of the earth. Thank God He’s the one that created. Thank God he beautifully and wonderfully made us in the womb thank God he made the universe as he has.

      As we can see the Godless don’t even know how to run their own lives their way of dealing with things as murdering a baby in the womb forcing people to wear masks complete chaos corruption and filth all throughout these Wicked leftist goddess ruined states and cities

      Jesus Christ you duke the spirit behind planned death AKA Parenthood

    4. So if the doctor doesn’t abortion and kills a baby you shouldn’t be allowed to sue him but if someone doesn’t match shooting you should be able to sue the person that made the bullets careful guys you might look like piece of s*** hypocrite

    5. I’ll go you one better. This law allows for prosecution even if the abortion is conducted out of state. So…if a woman flys to another state, gets an abortion and returns home and someone looking for money snitches on her, they have two problems. 1. Sue the airline, and the political pressure from the business community will crucify any schmuck who voted for it. 2. The abortion provider is in another state, so detailed records are not going to be just handed over. Good luck suing that state for a private citizens medical records. 3. The abortion provider will likely be anonymous, so you’re not going to see a posse of Texas rangers wandering around Manhattan looking for an abortion clinic. 4. The onus is on the accuser to prove that the woman(who they know nothing about) was even pregnant to begin with. Any judge with half a brain would laugh this case out of the courtroom.

  4. Wasn’t Texas saying “my body my Choice” with masks and vaccines,
    yet once it comes to a womans right to choose, her rights are taken away!!😕

    1. @Jack Cough that’s is all there is, women, people of color have no rights. Look at the majority of presidents, congressmen, governors, white whining men crying about their rights being taken away. Stfu

    2. @Kappa Darwin a women finds out she’s pregnant does she go to her husband and say
      ” we have a fetus” I think not. Morality on a human level is always open to depravity.

    1. Well… They wouldn’t need to worry about the abortion law then… Ask the women you know. Might solve some of their issues too.

  5. These are they same people out on the street screaming my body my choice when it comes to masks and the vaccine but when it comes to this they are like no we want the government to have the final say.

    1. The government has a responsibility to keep its citizens from stealing rights from others and the biggest right we have is the right to live. Making me wear a stupid piece of cloth over my mouth is a little different than murdering your unborn kids…

    2. @Kyle Ayres you mean the right to birth. The government doesn’t care about keeping it’s people alive, or else things like healthcare would actually be affordable and accessible, but it’s not. GOP beliefs are distorted.

  6. Texas: the asstate where they save fetuses so they can kill the children they become with the Corona Virus. Yeah!

    1. How many children die from the coof vs how many children die from abortion?
      Can you guess which is higher?

      Lol how can you say “my body my choice” when it literally comes to killing kids, but you want to control women’s bodies when it comes to the poke?

    2. @Ren77 More than 400. 400+ children without preexisting conditions have died from COVID. And school has just started, sweetie. Guess you don’t give af once that fetus is actually born, do you?

    3. @Sean Winters Because COVID is a pandemic affecting billions of people all over the entire world, and it will take a unified effort to eradicate it, darling. An abortion has no effect on the world at large, which is already overpopulated.

  7. Alright, let’s start letting these 6 week fetuses live on their own outside of their host, see if they are really viable

    1. Cool idea, by that logic we should take everyone on life support and turn off those machines too. See if they are really viable.

    2. Using that same MURDERING LOGIC what about all those now on the outside on some type of life support? Sorry you’re wanting to be part of murdering unborn babies. Pretty sickening!

    3. @SwurvyTCB so women are machines to be used as incubator. A person one life support does not require an unpaid person who does not agree to help them to stay alive. And people on life support get taking off the machine all the time by family who can’t afford to continue on them. The use of people on life support actually hinders your case because the mother is commonly the one to choose if a child is taking off life support system

  8. Wait.. is this the same state that said mask wearing should be based on “choice?” 🤔 where is the so called freedom??

    1. Are you seriously comparing a mask to a baby in the womb which is a totally different human being different DNA different body parts like dude wake up you can’t be that mentally ignorant.

      How about stop sleeping around and then murdering babies.

      How about don’t go out and get drunk do drugs spread your legs and then murder a child that has nothing to do with your sexually immoral decision.

      The only way you can be forgiven for your sexual morality for your adultery for your fornication for your perversion for your murdering the baby is to turn from your sins to Jesus Christ before its ever lasting too late

    2. @Cyrus The Great I know isn’t it crazy these Democrats were so immoral there so program to justify evil behavior that they’re comparing a baby to a mask. Like no wonder they really don’t care that Biden turned his back on women and children to the wicked left if it’s out of sight it’s out of mine like they don’t care about anything or anyone that isn’t in the present or can benefit their wicked political ideologies

      These people are Everything Jesus Christ said the children of the devil are about.

      The devil knows how to get Wicked leaders to justify evil behavior and Satan’s Children are like yeah yeah we can go on Twitter and hate on people yeah we can kill baby yeah we can hate on other people yeah we can call for them to get censored and go to jail yes the government is justifying our evil hearts.

      That’s how Wicked people think.

      Any one of you who believes in Jesus little bit there’s no way you can love Jesus Christ and support the Democratic platform it is the platform of the devil.

      Jesus Christ rebuke the spirit behind the Democratic platform Jesus Christ rebuke the spirit behind abortion Jesus Christ rebuke the spirit behind covid Jesus Christ rebuke the spirit behind the false teachings of CRT and Jesus Christ rebuke the spirit behind the lgbtq!

    3. The most disturbing part of all this is how democrats compare not wearing a mask to taking the life of an innocent child.

      Maybe instead of not wearing masks we should be straight up murdering masked people, at least then we would have something in common.

  9. But they’re still allowed abortions!
    Kinda like how we have the right to bear arms in CA but they modify and restrict the hell out of it but claim we still have our 2nd amendment rights.
    They did an end around in both instances. Not a fan

  10. lol. I can’t even be bothered to care. At this point, I’m just rooting for Rs to ruin everything to the point that a revolution occurs.

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