1. Will new Orleans ever just move over. But seriously, we need not just workers but trainers, install some of our Green berets are some special forces to train some of those people in carpentry or electric basic needs that way everyone could end up being self-employed afterwards and also creating their own home

  2. My 7th hour 6th grade Current Events class watches CNN 10 every day Monday through Friday. Whittier Middle School. Norman, OK. My class is promised a Pizza Party if we are mentioned on your broadcast! Thank you, Ms. Williams

  3. Is there a problem with the grid?

    Yeah…. Every power line needs to be buried underground and waterproofed because the electric poles can not handle winds like that.

    1. That would require government funding because republicans would never do something like that.

    2. Underground power lines in flood prone areas is the dumbest idea imaginable. Please actually learn something about our electric grid before spouting bullshit.

      You also can’t really underground the main lines..

  4. hey ‘hannidiot’, could it be that there’s another reason that you’re so angry? could it be, that when the 1/6 select committee goes thru all those phone records, yours might be among them, hmmm?

  5. Big house big mortgage all gone down to big natural events..continue to destroy where wild life once exist and build more big houses and see if you wont have more flooding..

  6. They should get hit a 100 times harder until they all give up entirely and give that land back to wildlife and nature! ):

  7. Never thought in million years flooding could occur. Like building house on an active volcano and wondering why lava is in your home. Duh.

  8. Kinda what happens when hurricanes come to town, and course you stay there year after year hurricane don’t scare you do they.

  9. *I think the first thing nobody seems to be mentioning is to thank her for looking after our vets at the VA HOSPITAL when she can get to work. That should be first importance during be this terrible time. Second we should be grateful for is power being turned back on for parts of the city regardless what the lady stated, 50 crews from Tampa power went to assist and some regions just gained power back within the last hour. Thank you to the stores providing food and water to the other people* .

  10. What about the 13 US troops that Biden killed in Afghanistan due to his incompetence and lack of planning?

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