1. @ponyboy sodapop You must be a High School student or someone majoring in Gender Studies or some form of Arts. That’s the only logical way I can imagine a person would discourage people from watching an MSM news outlet. It means that you are in a bubble and want to protect others from hearing news from a different point of view. I’m sure if I was to ask you if you believe in free speech you would say yes. But not for FOX news. It’s sad we have people like yourself who only want to hear news from outlets that meet your approval. Part of the problem we have in the Country is closed minded people like yourself. If you only watch news coming from one side and want to get rid of news you don’t like makes you a fascist and a national socialist not a freedom loving American. You seem afraid that people watch FOX news. WHY? I know why, the MSM says it everyday. I hope when you grow up you will have more tolerance for people you disagree with. Just because someone has an opinion the differs from yours doesn’t mean they are a bad person. Please have an open mind. We Trump supporters welcome everybody and our President is helping this Country no matter what the Establishment has thrown his way. TRUMP 2020! Lets Keep America Great!

  1. I will say it again you cannot trust a president named after a duck or his evil henchmen Barr and the DOJ come to mind!!!

    1. William Dusseau. What rebuke? It’s obvious Trump writes his own Tweets! The Tweets are the best ever! They are the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen from a President. LOL! I’ve never seen lefties freak out like they do now! LMAO! I find that to be a great form of entertainment!. Hahahahahaahahhahaah

    1. frank friedrich look it’s not that deep. Black ppl use this term when a person gets cheated in some way and is made fun of. So it was extra hilarious that I heard it on CNN and Don is the man! So in other words, don’t be a dummy when the truth is right in front of you lol

    2. @Mel Smith Interesting Mel … Wow ,Thank you for that information …it will be a pleasure if we get to write privately ..How do you see it Mel..

  2. Barr as essentially taken over where Michael Cohen left off as the Donald’s fixer. A thing the Don surely as need of.

    1. David, I think Giuliani took over that role. Barr is something different on an entirely new level. This is Putin-taking-over-Russia level. This is a corruption — an undermining — of our rule of law. This is dangerous stuff!

    1. @Tomee Gunz That’s because they were just 2 dumb degenerates without any power to affect change …now these two crusty maggots are in charge of some of the most crucial aspects of American life….and people in New York hated the orange rat feces.

    2. Both republicans and democrats need to wake up to the long term effect trump is having on politics.
      Its becoming clear there are two directions Trumps presidency can have, the first is a move in the direction of a dictator’s power over a nation and this means at some point the second amendment becomes a uniting flag for everyone on the outside (this applies to republicans as well as a precedent of power would still apply if a democrat gets in or if the republican base consumes itself further to keep trump in power at the expense of the larger republican support base)

      The second and more likely turn of events would be further restrictions on a presidents power like never before, to the point the president becomes a figurehead so obvious that no one takes future presidents seriously again. In the end the show and pony circus of the election process serves the purpose of keeping people content with the illusion of a choice but leaves them nothing but false pretense.

      But if you think your special then hold true to your faith in your chosen side of the chess game and watch as both sides continue to take turns in pretending to lead america.

    3. @Michael Flack At least you’re walking the fence and the and seeing from above both sides and making a valid points on the direction(s) we are facing today. It’s very rare here that we run across intellectual comments. Thank you.

    1. @Don Rutter Thank you. Do you have any more replies that anyone else is going to take seriously or any more replies that your parents are proud of?

    1. Sucking up while appearing to play hard to get. Never heard of that being done. Then secretly launched an investigation into the Flynn prosecutors. More resignations pending. The intent was to remove (purge) every professional in the entire DOJ. Then the next step is to launch investigations into every single Democratic candidate for any office, anywhere in America. Shield my friends, destroy my enemies. Last step, declare a National Emergency & postpone all elections. Mission accomplished.

    2. @Thomas Headley WIth comments like that, you’ll never be the life of the party. Sadly, I regret, I am kidding and you are spot on. Thanks for posting. Sometimes Pooh is wrong and Eeyore is right. Methinks this is one of those . . . _”Patriotic Trump supporter”_ is an oxymoron.

    3. @jones I was never the LOTP. Those are forgotten during the malaise of the hangover. Cardio-vascular intervention will soon be upon him. Advisors will be texting their financial gurus while the SS calls an ambulance. Time to a DC emergency room, 5-7 minutes. Response time necessary for a complete recovery from a coronary, 4-5 minutes. First they’ll have to find his heart.

  3. “I’ll make those decisions based on what I think is the right thing to do” especially when it matches up exactly to what Trump wants. They’re all criminals.

  4. Barr: “How about I distance myself a little so we lessen criticism that I’m in your hip pocket?”
    Trump: “Okay do it, but go easy on me. Just give ’em enough so they think you’re a real AG.”
    Barr: “You got it, Boss.”

    1. It’s Meekers – No. During Trump’s second term you supporters will be no better to him than the rest of us he hates. He’s only nice to you now cause he needs your vote. After November 3, 2020 even if he WINS, you will be of no use to him anymore. He will have used you supporters up. When he gets through his rampage on the government right now, we the people are next on his list. Trump’s dictatorship is well past the incubation stage. Google “Malignant Narcissist” and let me know what you find. You’re hoping for a 2nd Trump term. Be careful what you wish for.

    2. @christopher weise You are assuming if by some chance he crosses the line breaks a law finally they we would care if he served time?
      You really don’t want to like your President because if everyone likes him he’s doing something wrong.
      When we gain the trust of dictators they usually always end up dead

      Trump cares about money, if he is ruthless on our behalf I’m ok with it. He is a classic. He wants you to be in his
      Class then he is color blinded except green.
      If he becomes too dictatorial ill move to Quitar.

    1. Yeah ,I truly support and believe that he saying “keep our plan a secret and don’t put it on twitter”. Sure ! What do you think?

  5. Bill Barr: “ Trump needs to stop tweeting about the crimes I’m trying cover-up for him, because our collusion is becoming more obvious more impossible to hide.”

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