Donald Trump, A Very Stable Genius, Tries To Read The Constitution | All In | MSNBC

Thing 1/Thing 2: Do you think President Trump has ever actually read the Constitution? Turns out he has, but it did not go well. Aired on 01/20/20.
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Donald Trump, A Very Stable Genius, Tries To Read The Constitution | All In | MSNBC


    1. mymovetube

      Trump: Oh I mean, no other president has been tougher on Russia than me, Donald John Trump.

  1. One need only listen to Trump for five minutes to realize he’s functionally illiterate and has the vocabulary of a pet shop parrot.

  2. “Article II, which gives the President powers that you wouldn’t believe”.

    We’re not all in a coma or something, right? This is real life? Jesus Christ.

  3. Yes, you oh so Stable Genius, reading something above a 5th grade reading level is indeed like “a different language.”

  4. Constitution is his job description! And he doesn’t know that the job of the American president is a servant’s job. He’s a public servant, servant of us, the people.

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