‘Guiltiest President Ever:’ Rep. Raskin On Start Of Impeachment Trial | All In | MSNBC

‘Guiltiest President Ever:’ Rep. Raskin On Start Of Impeachment Trial | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. It’s not the Senate’s responsiblity to make the case. If Pelosi’s managers are not prepared then they should withdraw the case and start over !!!

    1. did you hear the oath that every senator signed their name to? We know you love oathbrakers. Trump broke all his vows to his wives, cheated on taxes and dodged the draft. Of course you love oath breakers (and the taste of mushroom head in your mouth). I see what you’re about. Nobody is fooled, except you.

  2. sad that the house thinks their so self righteous. he will not be removed the whole thing is a sham! same bs leftist talking points.

    1. If its a “sham” andf “leftist BS”, then why aren’t you allowing a proper trial? Seems the “left” you hate, are factually right

    2. @Michael V you don’t get it the left does not just get witnesses. the games are over the House with Adam s will not be in charge or make the rules.

  3. Books can be and should be Published on the crimes committed by this cult. Public Outrage and Media is our best hope to get 4- 10 Senators to walk down the path of Truth !

  4. It’s all gonna trickle out over the next ten days, it’s gonna be a fire sale, and sometime before this impeachment trial is over we’re going to see photographic evidence of Lindsey Graham’s proclivities.

  5. So how does the Senate conduct a “fair trial” (to the American people) on the charge obstruction of Congress for disregarding a House subpoena by refusing to admit the House subpoenas at issue?

  6. All that Effort and Trump just says again ” Never Knew the guy ” … If all that is what takes to convince a Republican …. why are Democrats bothering to obey the law …. ????

  7. If this is not a real trial..WE THE PEOPLE ARE going to pay for this from other World Powers..!!??..🤔🤔🤔☢️☢️

  8. republicans like to claim that Democrats having been searching high and low for something to impeach t’rump on. Yet they seem to forget that they impeached Clinton for lying about an affair when the original scope of their investigation was a real estate deal in Arkansas.
    Hmm, hypocrite much? 🤔😆😅

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