Donald Trump has ‘blood on his hands’ in what Russia is doing in Ukraine: Alexander Vindman

Retired U.S. Army lieutenant Col. Alexander Vindman thinks Trump has ‘blood on his hands’ over what Russia is doing in Ukraine.

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    1. @Areola Grande Tassel Technician He isn’t to blame. He is not the President of Russia. Putin is.

    2. @Lance Musashi Trump did not withhold aid to Ukraine…… Biden actually bragged about withholding aid to Ukraine on live TV.

  1. Definitely not related to the board member of a certain Ukrainian energy company and a certain judge

    1. seriously, are you all soooo pro Putin that now you find it appropriate to complain about Ukraine?

  2. Biden took a page out of Trudeau’s hand book…Blame the previous leader….

    1. lol .. excuse me? What are you doing here? Did they let you out of a psychiatric hospital for a Sunday walk and you grabbed someone’s phone to still remind everyone that Trudeau must go? The only one I see here that really seriously MUST GO back is you… apologize to the nurses for your unplanned escapade from the psych ward and promise you won’t do it again 🙂 —— you really don’t have to remind everyone that trumpsters invaded Canada… WE KNOW 🙂

    1. I mean Russia bad, don’t search on YouTube Joe Biden on Ukraine Billion dollars… You’ll have to somehow find a way to blame trump or Russia for Biden holding back billions in aid to Ukraine until the prosecutor investigating Burisma was fired…

    2. @skate metal Joe Biden withheld billions from Ukraine until the prosecutor investigating Burisma was fired

    3. @J 4 Um, Russia is invading Ukraine. Um, yeah. Russia bad. For real. That’s not hyperbole. Wtf is that supposed to be a gotcha?
      Are you gonna give excuses for the Kremlin as if it were some sort of natural force that has no free will of its own?

    4. @Lance Musashi No, I expected this when Biden came into power… It was obvious from the start, but Trump going to start WW3?
      Why did Putin take Crimea while Obama was in power and wait 4 years till Joe takes power to invade again?
      It’s horrible that the civilians are involved, there’s been a civil war for 8 years….
      I have no dog in the fight, only questions…
      Like who is the Azov battalion and what kind of ideology do they possess?

  3. He doesn’t even say how he reached that conclusion. The entire “argument” is “Trump is bad mmmmkay”.

    1. Which he is. “Putin assured me he hasn’t invaded Ukraine. I have no reason to believe he would have” DJT.

  4. Better see col lindman on the ground with the troops if you support something support it 100% go enlist.

  5. Better see col lindman on the ground with the troops if you support something support it 100% go enlist.

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