Donald Trump Makes Fun of Woman Accuser! 10/14/16

Donald Trump Makes Fun of Woman Accuser! 10/14/16 1


Donald Trump Makes Fun of Woman Accuser! 10/14/16

Donald Trump News – Donald Trump makes fun of the woman who accuses him of misconduct on an airplane – October 14, 2016

13 Comments on "Donald Trump Makes Fun of Woman Accuser! 10/14/16"

  1. Go Trump.

  2. You cant just say of Accusers!?

  3. one of the accusers worked for Hillary before , l think in 2008

    • Would love to have a link to that. I have no problem believing it
      considering how many lies Hillary herself has told and all the fake BS that
      comes from her side.

  4. Trump will win the POTUS Election. Hillary and her Elitist Narcissistic
    Scumbags, who lie, scheme, collude with corrupt media, and make back room
    deals, hoping to steal the election will not prevail. #Trump2016

  5. Her timing was just SOOO

  6. I’m voting TRUMP/Pence!

  7. Here we go again… I wonder how much the women are being paid? Or how much
    they want to be paid? President Trump , I hope that you will restore the
    media to be truthful. I hope there are laws in place, so that people can’t
    bear false witness without punishment.

  8. Trump is spot on….

  9. yea yea iies and more lies

  10. all this is right up the Clintons ally fight fire with fire only trump can
    take them down

  11. Apocryphal Exquirentibus Disciplinam | October 14, 2016 at 7:25 PM | Reply

    This is all because in the emails they were mocking Catholics and

  12. Since when is saying you do not find someone attractive fall into the
    category of making fun of them?

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