Full: Donald Trump Speech 10/14/16: Greensboro, North Carolina

Full: Donald Trump Speech 10/14/16: Greensboro, North Carolina

Full Speech – Donald Trump Rally – Greensboro, NC – October 14, 2016



  1. Dear God, stammering through the condolences for the Matthew victims as he
    reads them off in a perfunctory manner from the teleprompter – deplorable!

  2. Keep up the energy Mr. Trump! The Republican and Democrat establishment,
    the crooked media, and Crooked Hillary Clinton are so scared right now of
    you. I would suggest doing 5 or 6 rallies a day in the cities of the swing
    states to expose these crooked scums.

  3. Donald Trump lacks common human decency, he lies about his lies and then
    tries to make the victims look bad. This man is a disgrace and
    embarrassment to America and the free world, UNTHINKABLE.

  4. This demagon is so guilty he’s losing his crowds, plenty of room huh? He
    says the Woman on plane wouldn’t be his first choice? first choice to what?
    rape…man o man.

  5. Trump is becoming progressively more incoherent. After he loses, I expect
    he will fall into a steep and bitter decline, ending in something like the
    last scene of Godfather III.

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