Donald Trump: My Plans in First 100 Days of Presidency! 10/22/16

Donald Trump: My Plans in First 100 Days of Presidency! 10/22/16 1


Donald Trump: My Plans in First 100 Days of Presidency! 10/22/16

Donald Trump states what he wants to get done in his first 100 days of being President.

Donald Trump News – October 22, 2016

22 Comments on "Donald Trump: My Plans in First 100 Days of Presidency! 10/22/16"

  1. Go Trump 2016!!! 💪

  2. We’re all doomed

  3. Well done Donald, America has your back.
    Hillary, liberals will retaliate.
    Wait for it !

    • Done 101 No, Hillary and majority of Americans will laugh

    • Nah, we’ve already won this in a land slide. A man who has been right about
      every election so far has just come out again this time practically saying
      Trump will win by a land slide. Get used to calling him President Trump

  4. integrity and transparency

  5. obama doubled the national debt on the hope that a one world government
    would be instituted and therefore our entire debt would become a world debt
    and other countries would be forced to pay off our national debt

  6. the fda also wont release any drug until the politicians have a chance to
    buy up all the stocks in it before its approved

  7. Ricardo Mcclinton | October 23, 2016 at 4:00 AM | Reply

    The Donald want win. He was a planted troll from the start. Even though he
    want win, its sad that we live in a country were 40% of the ppl think he

  8. Caroline In Sydney | October 23, 2016 at 5:59 AM | Reply

    I love how clear and precise he is about his agenda. Hilary’s is a lot of
    hot air.

  9. This sounds amazing, considering where we are as a nation, we are close to
    imploding and loosing our country to the One World Order elites, we can’t
    let this happen. I know Trump won’t get everything done within the first 4
    years, it may take 8. Trump’s life has stains (who’s doesn’t?) but he IS
    our best choice and last real opportunity for America to return to
    greatness and Leadership in the world. Trump’s VP is also a Christian man
    who, I believe, will guide Trump in decisions that promote Christian moral
    values (we are still a Christian nation right?). God will bless a nation
    when we don’t forget God. Please get out and vote your values and
    conscience. Have a blessed day.

  10. If Trump doesn’t win the election in the States his policies would be very
    welcome here in the UK.

  11. The only thing that matters when you get into bed with Putin is whether you
    remembered to bring the Vaseline.

  12. Donald Trump cares for America. I will sleep so much better with him in
    office. May God protect him, and our citizens. I will stand with my fellow
    patriots, to save this country.

  13. Kristoffer Søberg | October 23, 2016 at 10:23 AM | Reply

    This channel name is wrong. Change it to Republican lies/news daily :)

  14. TRUMP 2016

  15. Ricardo Torres | October 23, 2016 at 2:04 PM | Reply

    I hope Donald Trump wins the presidency, that way he will build the Big
    Wall, so no drugs or mexicans would pass to the US, that way all yunkies in
    that country (almost 90% of te people) will form a force and then a
    rebelion, they will go against their government kill everybody (obviously
    because they need the drugs) and the US will desapear from the face of the
    earth, good, I hope he wins

  16. I really hope he gets elected and then he makes those things happen. We
    Need Those Things to Happen ASAP, or we will go to hell with the witch
    Hillary Rotten Clinton

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