Hillary Clinton Bullshits Trey Gowdy for 15 Minutes!

Hillary Clinton Bullshits Trey Gowdy for 15 Minutes!



  1. Don’t she make you want to throw her out the same window Jezebel went
    out….I believe this witch from hell is Jezebel herself and her rapist
    husband is Ahab.

  2. She is not calm and cool, she is drugged up to appear that way. So she hid
    even more criminal activity, and lied about it. Lock her up .

    1. Indeed! I wish they had of instituted a drug test for the last debate, as
      per Trump’s suggestion! She would have either a) failed or b) passed out
      during the debate (from not taking her meds)! 😀

  3. I have never seen someone that non-answers a question. Yes or no answers
    would work but she talks all around the mulberry bush. She is a liar!

  4. Hillary Rodham Clinton and her brother have stolen billions of dollars
    donated to Heiti…, not mentioning receiving money from Chink Commy P
    (CCP) AND ultra super rich Zionists/the Rothschilds via. Goldman Sachs,
    She is ultra super rich today…; she’s “Imelda Marcos of America.”

  5. if her mouth is moving she is lying, corrupt to the bone. You all know she
    is a lowlife dirtbag, but her supporters just dont care, they are a special
    type of you name it! Vote Trump! Jump on the Trump train or get ran over!

  6. God I’m so tired of Trey Gowdy… 6th Graders have more spine and much more
    class. And his faux-hawk – is hilarious.

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