Donald Trump Speech 10/23/16: Winning Nationally! Naples, Florida Rally

Donald Trump Speech 10/23/16: Winning Nationally! Naples, Florida Rally

Donald Trump – October 23, 2016


  1. “The mass DDoS attack on Friday could have been meant as a message from a
    foreign power, cyber security analysts told AFP at the time.”More likely
    that the cyber attack was perpetrated by Hillary’s “7th Floor” overlord
    “shadow government” (the one
    documented in F.B.I. reports) with her and Obama consenting to it.
    A flawed political, Democrat narrative: (1) the shadow gov’t and Democrats
    are trying to take the Wikileaks, Project Veritas, and Breitbart pressure
    off of Hillary by deflecting the public’s attention away from Hillary’s
    lies and criminality and by putting the blame onto Russia, even claiming
    that Trump is in it with Russia in their conspiratorial effort to rig the
    presidential election. On the other hand, (2) Obama, Hillary, and the
    Democrats are simultaneously saying that Trump’s assertion that the
    election is rigged is absolutely false and absurd, and Obama claims there
    is no such thing as a rigged election doesn’t even know what “rigged”
    One piece of advice for Obama, Hillary, and the shadow government: You
    can’t have it both ways. To be rational and credible,
    you must stick to one or the other of your two story’s. Either there is or
    there is not an attempt to rig the election. If there IS such an attempt
    and the Russians are to blame, you still have absolutely no evidence
    whatsoever that Trump has anything to do with the Russians. But, if there
    is no attempt at rigging the election, then you cannot say that the
    Russians and Trump are
    trying to rig the election.
    My suggestion to Hillary: now is the time to concede the presidency to
    Trump. Your own lies are getting even you confused, Hillary. Do not pass
    go; Collect no more millions; Go directly to jail!

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