Donald Trump Rally Virginia Beach 9/6/16: Hillary Clinton is a Disaster!

Donald Trump Rally in Virginia Beach, VA 9/6/16

Donald Trump rallies in Virginia and talks about taking care of out Veterans, National Security, and how Hillary Clinton is a disaster.

Fox News – Donald Trump Rally – Virginia Beach – September 6, 2016


  1. Trump said it right she is a disaster her husband was a rapist and she
    tried to cover it up the media need to talk about that

    1. You tell the truth we need to thank God for what we know going to pray for
      others they may know God have mercy on us

    1. try to stay on topic and 1 planet. ‘ufos’ doesn’t really effect way of life
      and the pursuit of happiness but a bad politician can enalave you.

  2. I would like to ask the veterans. When you hear advertisements on TV saying
    support our troops. What are they asking? I believe what they are really
    saying is get behind our agenda. I say this because when the people that
    are forced to go over there and fight come back maimed, their lives
    destroyed and have mental PTSD problems, where is the government. Why is
    the government not standing behind them and supporting them then. Because
    the real message is support our invasion of this sovereign nation and in
    the end the people that actually fought and risked their lives don’t
    matter. Think about it. If you want to support the troops then when they
    come back lets support them, not leave them homeless and without care. We
    are deceived by a government that only cares about what they want. The
    people in other country’s and America DO NOT MATTER. Trump’s message is
    different and the establishment doesn’t like it. Lets give him a chance and
    stand behind him. We have a lot to gain and there is much to lose if
    Hitlery Rotten Clinton becomes president. Everything that comes out of her
    mouth is lies, lies and more lies.

  3. I liked this. I’ll be voting for him. At first it was because I just hate
    Hilary, but the more I hear him the more I genuinely like him.
    I live in Virginia. I agree with him. Why should he condemn Russia? We are
    the one’s who have been the aggressors in Russia! We should condemn Iran. I
    recall how demoralized the US was at the end of the Carter administration.
    When Reagan won, we knew our hostages would be home soon. They were
    released less than 24 hours after Reagan took office.

  4. How anyone could consider voting for H’Ill”ary is beyond me. Keep doing
    what your doing, Mr. Trump. Talk to everyone and let Hitlary float around
    in her drug induced bubble with the balloons you’re so enthralled with.
    Will show you to the home when it’s all over. They have jello on

  5. trump sure likes to throw up Illuminati hand signs like the 666 hand sign
    at the stationery image before playing this video….I think he’s a puppet
    like the rest of them hes a scam a scape goat and worse a lier….

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