Donald Trump Said ‘We Love You’ To The Invaders | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Donald Trump Said ‘We Love You’ To The Invaders | The Last Word | MSNBC


Lawrence O’Donnell shows some of the invaders of the Capitol are supporters of Hitler’s death camps. Aired on 1/8/2021.
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Donald Trump Said ‘We Love You’ To The Invaders | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Dawn Walton YES! I do NOT understand why he is not being arrested. ANY other person on the planet, ever the POPE, if they had counselled a mob to go and march to a building with the resulting carnage and death, such a person would be arrested and charged! DON Junior or Giuliani DO NOT HAVE presidential immunity, and they both counselled the same behaviour. Why are they not being arrested??? Outrageous really, really outrageous.

    2. @Troy Bailey exactly. Truthfully he should have been walked to the front door of the White House on Monday January 4 with a box of his belongings and told that Monday was his last day due to his strongarm phone call to Georgia’s Secretary of State. What person do you know can do something like this on their job and get caught and not receive notice of firing following the acknowledgement of the wrong doing. His immunity should be revoked because he is a LAME DUCK. We have a president elect. trump is just fulfilling the contract to the end and at this point the contract should be revoked. After all he can resign so why can’t he be fired and arrested???? Not saying this riot would not have happened but if fired his power to interfere with it’ s resolve may have made the outcome very different. He didn’t request additional policing or the National Guard because he wanted it to be destructive. He used his loyal followers to do his bidding and his dirty work and then threw them under the bus and told them that they do not represent America. He told them that he was going to be with them as they walked to the capital but he got into a bullet proof vehicle and went the opposite way to a room to watch the riot on TV with pleasure. And these people are still with him. Unbelievable just unbelievable.

    3. @Dawn Walton Yes. But time to believe. The only THING THAT MAKES sense in this, their worldview, is FANATICISM. IF YOU GET A CHANCE watch the movie ‘DOWNFALL.’ That movie chillingly explains fanaticism of the SS and the Nazi party…’ and in my view, that is what is going on here. The movie will help put things in perspective in the U.S. as you have a ‘cult of personality’ going on with 45. In the movie’ DOWNFALL,’ despite the end being imminent and bombs dropping all around, the Russians and Allies swarming into Berlin, the Nazi party, Hitler, they STILL sent out children, old men and women to fight on, when all they had to do was surrender. But fanatics can’t surrender…i.e., 45 is a fanatic about ‘not loosing,’ (thank God he doesn’t have an Ideology!) That is what is going on in the GOP also…So, despite an attack on the capital building, the nation’s heart and soul, with actual real deaths of U.S. citizens, (and now an officer,) many GOP members still disputed the election results!! AND STILL SUPPORT HIM…THAT IS PRIMA FACIE FANATICAL SUPPORT! It is all believable if you understand fanaticism. Luckily, like the population of Germany, which was about 80 million in 1939 (so-called 45’s support base…but I doubt those numbers) Germany by 1945 had about 800,000 hard core to the death SS members. Given those statistics, I would say about 500,000 or less (just a guess) are fanatical supporters of 45…that is still very dangerous for your republic but they can’t get total control of the state as long as good people remain politically and peacefully engaged AT EVERY SINGLE STEP AND AT EVERY SINGLE PROCESS THAT IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Consider: Even after WW2, classified documents released in Germany recently in 2014 show that about 2000 former wafen ss formed a 40,000 person secret army BY 1949! So that is what fanaticism is…they never, ever concede, even though the truth is before them, even with the light of their murderous executions of MILLIONS OF innocent people REVEALED IN THE NUREMBERG TRIALS! Do you get it now? This is what ‘Trumpism’ is. The media, just now, in the last few days, I believe is finally, FINALLY, starting to get it, what their dealing with here. Very serious situation indeed. Godspeed to you. All the best!

    4. @Liberty Freedom Really? Some people “found’ little green men running around the roof. Some people think you should take your meds

    1. ‘ our incredible journey is only just beginning’ quote from Trump’s speech; you guys make whatever sense you want

    2. Trump haters take him literally but not seriously. Trump supporters take him seriously but NOT literally. “This is only the beginning” is his perpetually sunny belief system, nothing more. You’re taking him literally. That’s a mistake.

    3. @Maya Libretti so did the maga terrorist horde take him literally when he told them to go to the u.s. capitol? Yes, they did.

    1. @richard baybusky Yep America can not criticize any other country for crimes against humanity, they will simply claim ‘presidential’ immunity just like TRUMP and laugh in your face. Trump and his family just made the world a more dangerous place

    2. @Rui Ferreira Your absolutely right. He’s not intellectually fit to be an agent and the last thing in the world Putin would want is letting Trump know who is a mole or an agent. It often takes decades to plant an agent.

    1. @Tarquin Bright Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ll just shuffle on back to the salt mine and think of Trump gently massaging himself.

    1. @The Review Dad I’ve clearly shown the Proud Boys wearing Neo Nazi/White Supremacist slogans on their shirts. So are you going to keep defending Neo Nazis? Bet you just hate the anti-fascists…amirite?

    2. @The Review Dad Trump said there were some “very fine people” on both sides. On one side:
      1. A rally whose stated purpose was to unite White Supremacists from across the nation.
      2. A rally that featured a full day of White Supremacist speakers.
      3. A rally that advertised with posters containing Nazi slogans.
      4. A rally with an abundance of Nazi and White Supremacist paraphernalia.
      5. A rally where the participants were chanting Nazi slogans.

      Trump said some of those self proclaimed Neo Nazis were “very fine people”.

    3. @The Review Dad That’s two posts you’ve made defending the behavior and support of Neo Nazis. Are you aware of what you’re doing?

    4. @Harry Cooper lmao. Again you quote something Trump didn’t say. Too funny. Then provide a link to snopes as “evidence” ffs.

    5. @Pat the peasant you tagged the wrong guy man. I know they dressed as Trump supporters. It Harry balls that seems confused. And not too bright. Said I provided no proof then acknowledges proof I provided. His estrogen treatments must be messing with his pea brain or something.

    1. Yep, Trump threw his most faithful supporters under the bus with his taped concession speech. As soon as McConnell called him to heel, Trump obeyed like the yappy little dog he is.

    1. the only fraud that exist are those nonsense your beloved no-longer-president spoke of that causes these tragedies, as if the pandemic isn’t worst enough

    2. @Frank Snyder 4 folks who died for TRUMP.
      Not defending America against another country but DESTROYING their own.
      And you mock.

    1. @Lawrence Cole trump restricted guns
      Obama expanded gun owners rights.

      Reagan took more guns from you in 1986 than every Democrat propaganda you’ve ever heard. But keep spreading misinformation and getting reported

    2. Amen! And charge Pelosi and the democrats for trying to overthrow our government by trying to impeach Trump.

    1. @Jenny clark one was a police officer who had his skull crushed by a fire extinguisher wielded by a rioter.

    2. @Jenny clark so this is because ur racist like our president? We all were foreigners here at some point. (Except for native Americans).

    3. @Jenny clark U are a big part of the problem if you really believe that!
      Inciting a riot is not legal where I come from! What he did was a heck of a lot worse!

    4. @Jenny clark These people are deranged irs always Trumps fault, and now these fascists are talking about rounding up Trump supporters for cleansing. Do you think they realize yet they are the Nazis they are so worried about?

    1. @Darryn H Hahahaha… in Scotland but they told him to suckit because they don’t want him there and his course is sinking into the North Sea. The irony is palatable.

    1. German Neonazis, far right activists and dumbs are celebrating what happend on january 6th… They know the codes and feel empowerd. This is dangerous vor all of us!

  1. Anyone heard “conceded” OR” sorry” OR” apology” NO! Give me a break! This is NOT what people are asking for! The blood are all on trump’s hands

  2. The current president must in the end be impeached, now or after the transfer of power. This will ensure he can never again run for office.

    1. They need to do that because he’s thinking of running again…he’s destroying that country….can they see he only cares about himself…look at how many people are still losing their lives from covid 19. Smt

    1. They use you as long as they want, then dispose. That means you! Netanyahu, Kushner, Cruz, Tarrio, Kanye…

    2. Always trying to make Trump guilty by attaching his name to Hitler’s or some other demon. Trump is just a man who wanted to close our borders and protect Americans.

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