1. @Dotty Is weird please no. I mean they can have all the lubed up man love they want, but don’t make the rest of us accidentally view it. gross

    2. On 20 January 2021,12 PM, America will witness the most hilarious show in all his history, the inauguration of a dumb, stupid, demented & senile president. Hahaha. Loooooool.

    1. @Nathan B oh sorry forgot that it just his english is keep makes me forgot …
      for the record i loves his accent its makes me grateful having an intact tongue …

    1. @R R R I know, but, if you told IRS you own property the value is $ 50,000 yet worth $200,000. Or other things even your income. Net worth. They can assume. Yet tRump shows nothing.so are you defending tRump?

    1. Certainly his neighbours must be quite worried. They want peace and quiet — two words which are not synonymous with Trump and his privileged entourage. Trump will be like flypaper for lunatics.

    1. No not really a lie. Just a bad plan, as no other country will take him, NK might be willing. Or russia, but i do not think he could take the wintters.

  1. He’s still believing Fla and everybody else will allow him to break all the rules just for him (Delusional).

  2. This feels like a parody version of Green Eggs and Ham. “We do not want trump here or there, we do not want him anywhere!”

  3. I really hope people start holding him accountable,stand up,and not let him get by with everything anymore!

    1. @Joe Johnzo envious of what? The guy is getting dropped by everyone around him and is going to end up in jail.

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