What will be Trump's legacy? Hear historian's prediction 1

What will be Trump’s legacy? Hear historian’s prediction


CNN's presidential historian Douglas Brinkley talks with CNN's Don and former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci about what President Trump's legacy will be once he leaves office, and how the riots at the US Capitol have affected that legacy.

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    1. The Best! show him he’s a ‘has been’ President. A President In Trainning but failed being one. If he was in his own ‘The Apprentice’ Show as the Apprentice, he’ll fail. If Presidents were given Report Cards, Trump will get an ‘F’

    1. ​@Wkattenbach that’s the thing that’s crazy things happening only a small portion know ,if I tried saying anything so many words that are blocked so almost impossible to tell anybody anything, blocked, blocked, blocked, blocked, blocked, blocked, search search search that’s all I can tell you

    2. @zenoist2 well they can boast “trump-free user friendly” and make back with new customers and advertising ten-fold

    3. They’re not enacted – they’re just words – the embassy isn’t operational. They just put a plaque on a building – not all countries in the middle east are at peace – again – all words. When someone makes a statement it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been enacted. Just words – Kushner was travelling around the Middle East – sorry – Israel and Saudi Arabia to do deals for himself and his selt entitled wife! Trump spat out words but not much was done! A lot of hot air!

    4. @Elena Yeah, thats what happens when u attack people in the real world, im sorry u dont understand that, or mayb u do… honestly i cant tell, but i have no hate for u, and i wish u well. Truly.

  1. as people are starving he Golfs , as people are dying he throws him self a expensive Parade

    1. @BigBadJerry Rogers -can’t believe Paul Z had the nerve to say “who the hell is starving?” …some of these people really are living in their own alternate universe.

    1. @Virgen Santiago he’s already doing a better job than kill em all trump..so you’re wrong already hes not even sworn in and his message is far better

    2. People are calling, everyone is calling, in fact they are saying sir, sir it may be the best impeachment of all time. A perfect impeachment. Biggest best impeachment ever! Getting tired of all that winning tho..

    1. He can go live in Venezuela with all the civil unrest, corrupt government, lack of healthcare infrastructure, poverty, famine, etc. He won’t let their innocent civilians in to America so let’s make him go live there. They’d be-head him within 16hrs!

    2. He will go to Texas with the NRA. There will be another civil war and again it will take place cuz of them

  2. in Chicago one of the aldermen is trying to get a measure post through city council to have Trump’s name ripped off the face of that building over there it’s been on the local news here in Chicago

  3. “You can’t make this stuff up.” …umm, how many times have they said that in the last 5 years? How can they act surprised?

    1. In the past few years, Trump has done any and everything to garner attention. People are constantly surprised at the new levels corruption and totally irresponsible behavior displayed by Trump.

    2. @Amber C. Yesssss! I love how these three guys are trying so hard not to laugh uncontrollably at him! It’s just making me laugh more!

    3. To be fair,The Simpsons called Trump being President decades ago and even the Superman comics kind of did when Lex Luthor got elected President…but Trump’s not as smart as Lex Luthor! Ha! Ha!

      Hopefully,something like this aberration never happens again and people learn from history! I hope that this is the end for politically inexperienced and uninformed,clueless celebrities running for elected public office! The only celebrity I’d be willing to give a chance for President in the future is Dwayne ”The Rock”Johnson and that’s only if he holds some kind of prior elected public office first like a governor,senator,congressman or mayor(also,I think Matthew McConaughey could make a good governor of Texas if he were to ever try to run for governor or even senator).

    1. If the Democrats are successful in convicting Trump in the second impeachment trial he stands to lose all post presidential perks including lifetime Secret Service detail. Death threats will not be the problem. He will have to hire his own bodyguards at his own expense for the remainder of his life. My guess is that he will soon be penniless and one barely competent sniper could easily take him out and do the entire world a favor.

  4. He’s like the jealous girl who wears white to the wedding so people will look at her instead of the BRIDE. Pathetic.

  5. The Mooch said it… “He’s capable of anything” that awareness make me wonder… is Trump going to blow up the White House?

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