All 50 states preparing for possible violence ahead of inauguration day 1

All 50 states preparing for possible violence ahead of inauguration day


CNN correspondents report from various locations on the potential threat of armed protests that FBI officials warn may take place across the nation, leading up to President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.


  1. At this point, Syria, Afghanistan, and Colombia are going to warn their citizens to avoid travel to the United States.

    1. @R Bourke Yeah….I know who took over our U.S. Government. It took me 15 years to figure them out, and I’m not the only one who knows.

    2. @phee-yuk yoo I can tell that you never had to jump behind the nearest rock to avoid being blown up by a grenade. Or watched your friends head turn into a bloody mess and his brains splattered all over you. Or watched as someone had to shoot a kid because someone strapped a bomb on them. I pray that you never have to experience these things, and you should thank God for the men that did so that you didn’t have to. I guess that makes them special. Pray that your lack of empathy is replaced with kindness and understanding.

    3. @A Total Bastard Well, Trump has exposed that Brennan admit the Russia collusion is FAKE and a diverting to deflect attention to Hilary email and Benghazi scandals. To think that millions were spent. How convenient for the democrats just because.

    4. @1 23 The VA has gotten some better, but they are still overworked and understaffed. I agree, I wish someone that new what they were doing (not a politician on either side) would be allowed to fix our broken healthcare.

    1. @Lil chaos X actually they did try and bomb people, they were just to stupid to build the timers correctly, and not all terrorists use guns, the terrorists who took the planes on 9-11 used box cutters and knives. Those people at the Capitol building were traitors and terrorists, period.

    2. @Rooster Blades burn down cities? wow, you are dumb. stop watching so much propaganda tv and do some real research for once

    3. @Hagg Bisquette youre talking about fellow Americans. Not an invading army or a foreign force- FELLOW AMERICANS with different political views who are your neighbors and coworkers. You need to step back from the ledge and take a breath, then grow up and stop with the hate speech.

    4. An arrest was made for the BLM who is really a Trump hater who even wore a MAGA hat to gain entrance and who shouted, “Let’s get inside and blank the blank!!!” He started instigating violence inside the capitol. I knew it was Democrats BLM and Antifa who started it all. It’s getting clearer everyday.


    2. Like all the Obama, Biden and Hilary people who orchestrated a FAKE Russia collusion to deflect attention to Hilary’s email and Benghazi scadals, as BRENNAN ADMITTED DOING? It’s out now, declassified by Trump. NOW YOU KNOW. Let us see what’s your spin on that, FAKERS. If you can do that, why wonder at all HOW you succeeded in STEALING AN ELECTION. Imagine 4 YEARS of RUSSIA???!!!

    1. Tell that to Democrats who started the FAKE RUSSIA COLLUSION with Brennan admitting that it was Hilary Obama and Biden who started it all to deflect attention from candidate Hilary’s email server and Benghazi scandals. It’s out there declassified by Trump. But of course, you won’t hear it from CNN. That’s why I’m telling you. Of course you will just shrug your shoulder coz you succeeded in STEALING THE ELECTION already. Anyway, do not doubt if they can do the Russia thing, how much more the election stealing.

    2. ​ @Ken Ken Oops, the majority of American voters have hurt your feelings and frustrated you about your odious hero’s impotence.


    1. @DriveInFreak You sound like you are supporting violent acts against other human beings. This sounds very threatening. I bet the FBI will read this racist, hate and violence promoting post. You should pray for God to heal the hate in your heart and go to sensitivity training for your racist views. I hope you turn from evil thoughts and actions. God loves you. Jesus died for your sins. I pray my 3 biracial grandchildren never have to be judged by people with your views.

    1. Like everything democrat it’s a fake inauguration , a fake election , a fake president , a fake virus , a fake but deadly vaccine .

    1. @Johnny ….I am curious. Are you referring to Trump trying to steal this election? Your comment isn’t clear.

  2. They calling them terrorists, and US do not negotiate with these people. They will be treated accordingly after crossing the lawns of Capitol Hill in the United States of America. Or anywhere they try to attack now – they tainted. This ain’t the 1800’s when the British troops marched into Washington and set fire to the Capitol and President’s Mansion.

    1. Or you could just top spreading the “my imaginary invisible sky wizard friend is real and has written a book though others that all must live by” bullshit that’s responsible for most of the world’s problems in the first place.

    2. @DriveInFreak I agree with you. ALL religion needs to be abolished. It’s called the Dark Ages because that’s when religion was seriously enforced to keep people in line and people who did science were punished or killed. Religion is poison.

  3. I came from a war-torn country. I actually was used to artillery attacks, air raids, infantry overrun… But to see this in the USA is sad, heartbreaking and disappointing.

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