Smerconish: We are headed into uncharted waters 1

Smerconish: We are headed into uncharted waters


With President Trump impeached a few days before departing, we are headed into uncharted waters, with many possible outcomes. So what is the best path forward? #CNN #News


  1. *”We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated!”*
                      – Trump, 2016

    Trump supporters: i dun no wut dat means but make america grate agen 2020!!!1!

    1. The joke is on YOU. So intelligent. Yet you cast your vote to take away the very privilege you enjoy here. Because, in reality; you’re real Will was not the operative cognitive process that led to your decision. But rather the incessant brain washing from the mainstream media you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now you enjoy the privilege of speaking against the one you were carefully taught to hate. But if the ultimate goal is achieved, there won’t be an alternative to speak against. And that will come soon. And if you speak against the one party then, you will be sent to a re-education camp. And the best part will be, you will know you voted for it. And this you gave also to your children’s children.

    2. @David Eby You only know what the uncle of the cousin of the half sister of your grandma wants your to knkw once he shared a Facebook link

    1. CORRECT! This issue should be confronted head-on. Political considerations should be set aside. Just ask the 5 dead people…

    1. @The Forest Revealed

      If you have been in contact with — or know details about — the #insurrectionist mob that defecated in the halls of Congress , please call 1800 CALL FBI.

      Ps — why is the movement’s poster child a malevolent furry?


  2. Don’t get him off the hook; try him and bar him from ever running again. NY State and the City of NY will come after him both barrels for crimes committed even before ‘16 …….. GOOD.

    1. @DJ Jones,

      Tax fraud?
      Tax evasion?
      Bank fraud?
      Money laundering?

      Those have 2 year limits?
      Just wondering.
      You being a Lawyer and all.

    2. @G Bogart I seriously doubt he would ever have to commit any type of bank fraud. The Trump Co. owns over $40,000,000 in tangible assets including property, equipment, and inventory.

    3. You’re in for a surprise Tony. Republican win AGAIN! We’ll let you stay but I’m sure yould rather enjoy the company of other communists.. enjoy your bread Ivan.

    1. @A T
      Lol, so there is no racism in America, the MAGA cult, or the orange garbage? Are you one of those that are “shocked” when you see racist actions in America?

    2. @Reid Earl
      Keep laughing, it’s good for you, especially regarding what comes next. All those scumbags at the Capitol were also laughing when taking pictures. But not so much now 🙂

    3. the fact this has upvotes is why leftism cannot be allowed. edit: I’m assuming they mean the capitol protesters and not the actual rioters and terrorists that burned down the country last year

    1. @Delaware History OMG this escalated sooooo quickly. Anyway Do you want it engraved or on a cake ? or both ?

    2. @Quentin GUYET that’s funny! Fox News has been doing the same thing to cnn for 4 years on a daily basis. The fake cnn news that’s been sued multiple times. And has cost them 100s of millions. How many times had fox been sued?

    3. @Eddie Vest I am, I cant stand the DNC or GOP, but we arent going to get rid of them anytime soon. Then again, the GOP is really in the shitter as of late lol

  3. I’m incredibly impressed at the Wall Street Journal’s unparalleled record of constantly having the worst takes. Congratulations to them on this ignominious feat. Maybe if they weren’t getting so triggered by Dr. Jill Biden’s mere existence, they’d be able to understand that holding criminals accountable is actually a good thing for a country.

    1. @Breaking Bad DUDE! Your name is Breaking Bad and I’m on a crack pipe? Explain your debating point or get back to abusing CDS’s……..

    2. CORRECT! This issue should be confronted head-on. Political considerations should be set aside. Just ask the 5 dead people…

  4. I have a feeling more dirt than we want to hear is going to come out about that family once they no longer have

    1. @Paul Brown you need to watch more than one new channel and make up your own mind. You are being programmed to believe everything your told.

    2. @kissmyaass1 Oh! So you don’t have any evidence. Your theory is if your investigated, your guilty…. So what does that mean for Trump?

    1. My boss used to give me his WSJ when he finished reading it. I used it for its real purpose to line my bird’s cage.

  5. Can everything be more simple. The “charge” has been made before he leaves. If a bank manager is charged with fraud and then leaves his job, the crime has been “committed” but is he free from trial just because he leaves the job? Sounds easy to me

  6. “It would have said so” is an extremely weak argument. Silly. It has never swayed Judges before, I don’t see it working today.

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