1. @Bri 033 LMAO that is the funniest thing I have ever heard…clown cable is not fake news LMAO what’s next Biden is a good president LMAO gee you people operate with no information

    2. @Nikki Chi you think people call clown cable fake because they do not like them? LOL no they are called fake news because they fabric stories to push some insane left wing narrative that for some reason you morons seem to love

  1. No matter what there will always be some entity trying to divide us. Doesn’t matter what side your on as long as they accomplish this. “Divide et impera”

    1. More than half of the US are working-class Bummers … Mitt Romney famously claimed he could win with 47% and let the 53% go.

    2. Ship has sailed already.

      “I’d rather be Russian than Democrat.”

      “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

  2. Trump’s hawking money for birthday and other greetings “You know what’s not fake news? Today’s your birthday! That not fake news!” LOL. Hilarious and spot on.

    1. @YouTube Moderator, I’m not sure, but I know he’s not wandering in giving rally speeches during the toast.

  3. In a way the media keeps justifying his existence and boosting his presence by continuing to put his face on the news. Remember he operates on the bad publicity… That’s the point!

    1. It’s about ratings, CNN is in the fucking tank right now been trying to sell off everything. They have lost epic amounts of viewers since Trump left. They have to continue to repeat he lost for no reason other than they think people don’t believe the lie. Fox is killing it though, they are doing so well they gave Tucker a new show during the day hahaha. A week after CNN rating grabbed by trying to twist tuckers words about women in the military hahaha which failed HARD. Have fun watching news that’s beat by Nickelodeon everyday.

    2. They’re talking about him because he triggers and irrational and emotional response from leftists and liberal types. It’s a deflection tactic to avoid talking about the failure that is Biden.

    3. @Rell 1984 he lost to biden… I don’t think there’s any greater shame nor reality check

    4. @Michael Wheeler who cares wether he lost legitimately or illegitimately that’s not even up for debate here. The fact is that Biden is the sitting President and has the executive power and is pushing policies but the media would rather talk about “Trumps strange post presidency” while staying silent on the current sitting Commander and Chief. That’s by design and it’s why he got the job in the first place, a corrupt and biased MSM that suppressing inconvenient Biden stories while smearing the orange man, and the low info voters fall for it

    1. @Mell Shell so you’re proud of the two worst candidates ever that you put in office. Amazing. We will destroy the country, but at least we got that guy that tweets mean stuff out. You are incredibly ignorant. The clown show is just starting, it’ll get worse. And it’s on you.

    2. @Mell Shell …You do know those are inflated numbers. Such an infectious disease and yet paper currency is still in circulation. Why? Because it’s a hoax. China, Fauci and others are the authors of this hoax. I saw the mandates coming well beforehand while observing the sheeple voluntarily donning face diapers while shopping. First it was 2 or 3 out of ten and I thought nothing of it. When I saw 5 or 6 out of ten I knew the mandates would soon follow. And sure enough it happened. And by the way the droves of folks coming across the border, you can bet your bottom dollar they are not vaxed. It’s a hoax!

    3. Weird that the left is so afraid of him. Obama told you dulbfuks so long and is now worth 100 million dollars selling out to all those big banks and oil and military industry companies. Those same companies he said were your enemies. He now works for. Pay back for giving them trillions of tax payers money. Cnn and their big lies.

    4. @Bill T Marchi Probably better then 300,000,000 worth of Russia money now isn’t it. You have to ask yourself why he was always giving putin a reach around besides you dumbasses will keep sending him cash 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😉😉

  4. Can’t wait until “the point” is point on of the former cult leader getting handcuffs placed on. 👏

    1. LoL. Media put u in a COMA !!! WHY ??!
      Obidens Mexican DRUG Cartel bringing Illegals, DRUGS. To Your Neighborhood 🤣🤣😂

  5. To help with the expensive lawsuits mounted against him, perhaps the OG (Orange Grifter) is also considering writing a non-fiction book about the art of the steal called: “Once a Grifter, is always a Grifter”.

  6. Who would believe that 60 years of desk work could lessen Dr. Fauci’s skills as an athlete?

  7. Somebody’s in someone someone’s head…..

    Probably best view count for you in a long time…🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  8. That young couple will remember & treasure those words for the rest of their lives. “We won frankly & what happened was a disgrace”. “Fauci threw a roller.” “I should’ve fired the self promoters”. I mean, who wouldn’t remember such soaring rhetoric & how it made the hair on the back of the happy couple’s neck stand on end?

  9. I bet Matt Gaetz misses the days when “Matt Gaetz is a tool” was trending on Twitter.

    Be a shame if #MattGaetzIsAPervert trended #1 all night & day because people kept retweeting that hashtag.

  10. In some cases, Matt Gaetz asked women to help find others who might be interested in having sex with him and his friends. Should anyone ask about their relationships, Gaetz told the women to say he’d paid for hotel rooms and dinners as part of their dates.

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