Donna Edwards Reacts To Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders Hot Mic | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Donna Edwards Reacts To Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders Hot Mic | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


  1. Really warren is desperate down in the poll she saw .how people sanders can rally the people. I’m a proud black woman a I believe berine

    1. lp wtf ? Are u slow ? Bernie marched with Dr. king 👑 he rocked with us way before it was the political thing to do. Sell out is any one from your community not being with him. Shows ur really not black ur a troll. Don’t swagger jack us b. Sanders was down with every person of color and minorities.

    2. @Jay Benjamin STFU just because Bernie Marched with MLK doesn’t mean he is for Black Empowerment!!!! Y’all are sooooo weak!!!!

    3. our hair defies gravity so can we he wants to fix jail reform so black and brown kids with weed and other stupid charges can go to other programs and not jail. Think about it. Rich White men get paid off it now but our kids future stuck by a weed charge ? Man U must have that wig on too tight. U uncle ruckus look alike. He want to give ppl health care better education that helps us more then others. So we can rebuild what was one time sabotaged for fear of our potential. Don’t let them sell you dream.

    4. @Jay Benjamin I can tell alot about Black people that use that “Black and Brown” talk!!!

      Ain’t no Hispanic saying “Black and Brown” to speak up about the Black Community so why you Liberal Docile Bootlickers stay putting a cape on for them???

      Y’all Brainwashed by a Political Party that have a Donkey as the Logo!!! Bunch of Jacka$$es!!!

  2. Warren is a liar, not her first time lying. Bernie doesn’t put any group down! Bernie 2020 donating $27 right now!!

    1. The day after the debate, Bernie had his biggest fundraising day ever. More than 1.7 million, in less than 24 hours time. So much for CNN and Warren’s failed smear attempt.

  3. What are you talking about, woman. You know how much Bernie has encouraged and helped women. He was the one who suggested Elizabeth stand for president in 2016. He’s the one who fought hard round the country for Hillary. He’s the one who encouraged AOC and the Squad. It’s simple. Warren lies – Bernie doesn’t.

  4. Elizabeth Warren – I’m native American, I was fired because I was pregnant, Bernie said I cant win. 3 STRIKES YOUR OUT LYING LIZZY!

    1. And she said her dad was a janitor…he wasn’t. And she said her kids all went to public schools…they didn’t.

    1. I would say so. I thought that would be cool also…but in the back of my mind something still didn’t sit well with me about Warren. Maybe it’s because she used to be a republican. In my experience it’s rare that people over 25 (or so) change their stripes out of true conviction.

    2. Who the heck is Saunders? He’d better avoid private meetings with Warren, whoever he is. Bernie Sanders, should pick Nina Turner, or Ro Khanna, for VP:)

    3. she is aligned with the dnc to help get Biden nomination , watch who she backs when she drops…she sold out all progressives..she was my second choice until I saw what she really is

  5. When asked about it, Warren told a demonstrable lie in the same breath saying that she hadn’t lost to a Republican in 30 years. That’s because she herself was still a Republican 23 years ago and didn’t run for office until 2012!

    1. Ryan B she never said that.

      She said that only the women on stage had never lost an election and that the men had lost 10. She said that no one else had beaten a republican and Bernie said he had in 1990, she then said 30 years ago.

      How about you stop spreading the bs.

  6. Krystal Ball was right.
    ..Obama got to her and now she’s convinced of being Biden’s VP pick – instead of Bernie’s.

    She’s throwing away her political career!

    1. She did that when she enjoyed the benefits of being an official, high-cheek boned ‘minority’ on campus….

    2. @missusri She tried to put Bernie into a no-win situation. Either he would have to call her a liar, or else admit to something that he never said. So instead, he simply said “I never said that,” which I believe is the truth.

  7. Here in France, Bernie Sanders seems to be the best candidate. However, we feel sad for the USA and are angry towards Trump, a crook by all accounts. Well done Putin.

  8. She’s a sellout and a liar. This was a dirty game with zero evidence against Bernie who has decades of fighting for equality including for women.

  9. This woman sounds quite silly. They know there is always a hot Mic. Warren appears to have taken advantage of it to make us think she was indignant. Warren looks desperate. It will backfire.

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