Don’t Be Complacent! Covid-19 | TVJ News – April 23 2022

Don't Be Complacent! Covid-19 | TVJ News - April 23 2022 1


  1. Why have they told people to stop wearing masks , and now you are telling people not to be complacent! How confusing!

    1. @Empress Jade Simeon Ellis Same. But watching these videos and looking in the comments help see the different views.

  2. The government SHOULD NOT have told people it’s ok to not wear masks. Very disappointed in the Jamaicans who think they can wear no mask and wander around in public places. The servers/shopkeepers have to in order to protect themselves and I feel for them… Also disappointed that we still have a low vaccination rate of 23%… Hopefully the people will be more compliant, more responsible and that if measures must be lifted, it will be THEIR fault (the unvaccinated and rebellious)…

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