1. “I’m not willing to chance it.” I’d say that’s a downright conservative approach if I’ve ever heard one.

    Get it? Conservative… I’ll let myself out.

    1. Imagine how well conserved the safety of children, and everyone, would have been if we had ignored the WHO and the CPC in January and followed our own council. We may even have had a response worthy of comparison to Taiwan and South Korea.

  2. Stupid to send kids back school year almost over. Parents you can teach your kids more things like crafts, survival, and physics all while out in nature. They can see insects to birds and animals. Plus how to take care of nature instead of these useless instagrammers and dippy Kardashians. Teach them common sense and effects of their actions!

    1. @JollyOldCanuck you realize that the work is strictly voluntary right? If kids don’t do it, there are zero consequences. Their final mark is from March…

    2. Great comment. We don’t even have to step outside. I have super fun with my kids,we learn together and do crafts.

    3. @AdamMan2004 yes. My neighbour as well as another teacher I know, told me so, as did the kids in my family, some of whom are faithfully doing the work, and some who are not..

  3. I’m willing to bet they scrap the year. Teachers already took how many strike days? Messed the kids up what’s another few months off?

    1. My younger brothers are receiving instruction online, they are in the Public Catholic School Board. Kinda proves how easy it is to replace teachers.

    2. JollyOldCanuck Aren’t their regular classroom teachers providing instructional materials and feedback. My wife is an elementary school teacher and is on the computer and phone all day with kids and parents.

    1. I love when Doug Ford becomes more liberal, all of a sudden they are electable.

      Maybe that is a sign to the current federal conservatives to ease up on the alt- right rhetoric.

  4. I agree with our premier Doug, this virus is dangerous deadly. And it should not take lightly, we have to protect our children that are vulnerable. And the economy should open little by little . Our premier Doug is doing a great job.

    1. Exactly! I’m out until May 31 and by then I’ll have 14 days of class left, which is utterly pointless. Even if kids are at lower risk of getting the virus, the school staff are not.

  5. I wish we had Doug Ford as premier in Quebec. His approach seem much more cautious and humane. We’re stuck with crazy Legault.

    1. He has always been corrupt from his high school drug dealing days to actual organized drug trade to politician.

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