Experts skeptical about Quebec’s bold targets to reopen schools and the economy

Experts skeptical about Quebec's bold targets to reopen schools and the economy 1


Infectious Disease specialist Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti breaks down Quebec's plans to reopen the economy and if the province is being overly ambitious.

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10 Comments on "Experts skeptical about Quebec’s bold targets to reopen schools and the economy"

  1. loved it

  2. 2020 the year nobody died from the flu as well as other illnesses that were put on the coronavirus…

  3. A big thank you to these mysterious “experts”, I don’t know who you are and I’ve never heard of you before but not having to think for myself sure is a time saver! A big thank you to global as well for beaming these expert opinions directly into our psyches! I love the leader! 😍

  4. Ha ha open everything Quebec kill everyone off. Germany tried and are now locking things down again as virus has spiked again

  5. Quebce should be the last province to be reopened.

    • What’s disturbing is they plan to send children back to school, when thier cases keep rising.

    • Justin Forlini | April 29, 2020 at 2:15 PM | Reply

      First of all, Quebec’s cases are not on a rise. Second, many do not seem to grasp the point of flatenning the curve. In reality, flatenning that curve is simply to let the hospitals have controle of their patients. In quebec, over 70% of patients are in long term care homes, and the hospitals are barely over-charged. Unlike in Ontario. The reality is, for a long time, we had as many deaths as Ontario but twice the cases. Clearly Ontario is doing less testing and should therefor not be opening. Quebec on the other hand is testing, has full control of the hospitals, and do not see a problem sending kids to school, knowing that the kids aren’t so vulnerable to the disease. Furthermore, it will be the parents choice for the childrens to go to school, so if the parents or children have other illnesses, they can chose not to go. Opening schools is only a way to help the parents who need to work to support their family, and can’t babysit their kids as well as for the kids who eat most of their meals at school with the help of the governement funded cafeterias in poor neighborhoods.

  6. Wow Quebec’s want to be out of Canada! Trying to do their own thing!

  7. Experts ya say eh ? What happened to the Who’s comment ……We are in uncharted territory …….I guess Quebec see’s through there crap as well ?

  8. It will be interesting to see how governments spin the fake data once it’s all done.

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