Doug Ford now claims Greenbelt is ‘failed policy,’ won’t rule out more development

Ont. Premier Doug Ford is now saying that the Greenbelt 'was a failed policy' as new questions emerge about his plan to develop it.

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  1. Try building homes for are homeless not just imagrants and for our low income Canadians and seniors

  2. I don’t see how this is provincial jurisdiction. He keeps sticking his nose in municipal business.

    1. Municipalities don’t actually have any jurisdiction, the province ultimately has total control over the municipalities. Expect if Olivia Chow becomes mayor for Ford to basically become Pol Pot level of controlling over Toronto.

  3. It isn’t a failed policy. It was doing exactly what it was intended to do: protect green space from greedy land developers like Doug’s friends & donors.

    1. Maybe he means it failed because it wasn’t strong enough to prevent him from doing this. Eye roll.

  4. That’s exactly what we need. Canada is already home to the largest untouchable forest in the entire world and it spans most of the country

  5. The “green” belt is not environmentally friendly, adds a huge carbon footprint to Canada and should be abolished.

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