WARNING: Ex-Marine turns himself in after fatal chokehold assault on NYC train

Former U.S. marine Daniel Penny voluntarily turned himself in after he placed a man in a chokehold, killing him on NYC subway train.

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    1. dudes a hero, you would of been pissing your pants in the corner like a child if you were there

    2. Well he is dead now thanks to the action of the Marine and the two fellow passengers who helped restrain the criminal.

    3. For an act of bravery ?
      May wanna stop gulping down the mainstream there buddy .
      They got you inverted.

  1. Politicized..

    Iouda 1:18-19

    That they said to you that at the end of time there shall be scoffers going in accordance with their own lusts for impious things.

    These are those making divisions, animals, not having the Spirit ✝️

    1. So ppl suffering from a mental disease deserve to b treated that way if they have a mental breakdown or see something with their imagination? I’m not trying to start an argument, I’m just asking a question to do with ur statement.

    1. I agree but he didn’t have to use so much force to hold someone down, plus with the training he had, a choke hold can b fatal if used the right way. (I say again he had training especially being an Xmarine.

    2. ​@X_Endless Nightmare_X the loser he killed would have continued on the same path if he had lived so the ex marine did society a favor. Lots more to go.

    3. ​@X_Endless Nightmare_X life of crime, attempting to push a lady on to the tracks, or beating up an elderly woman. He needed to be somewhere to get mental help, never on the streets.

  2. lol An ex-marine had to “protect himself” from a scrawny, unarmed, starving street person. lol Effing coward couldn’t even face the guy, had to attack from behind.

  3. Has that same look as Derek Chauvin when he was suffocating George Floyd. Probably would have gotten away with it – if only it hadn’t been so apparent that he enjoyed it so much.

  4. He’s a Hero 100% .
    The lesson they want you to learn ?
    Don’t defend yourself or others .
    Give this Marine a Medal .

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