Doug Ford threatens to throw unvaccinated MPPs out of caucus | COVID-19 in Ontario 1

Doug Ford threatens to throw unvaccinated MPPs out of caucus | COVID-19 in Ontario


Get a COVID-19 vaccine or get kicked out of the Progressive Conservative caucus that's the message coming from Premier Doug Ford's office.

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  1. you either think like i tell you to think and do what i say or you are bullied and kicked out…Reminds me of some famous guys of the 1930s

  2. Welcome to a dictatorship my fellow Canadians. You can’t force anything on anyone. You, by law, are not allowed to force anyone to put anything in their body they do not agree too.

    1. @Max Weinbach time will come where we will get to hold THEM all accountable for every one of their actions. Justice and the Energy in the Universe has a way of balancing it and gettin’ ‘er done and realigning things on right side of history. Sad and unfortunate it is this way tho.

  3. You can not discimate against me for refusing to inject a unknown chemical in to me. If you are vaxinated then you are protected. What’s the point? If you are scared the that means the vaxine no chemical doesn’t work.
    Stop trying to protect me, look after yourself however you want.

    1. Then
      DO NOT
      Go to the hospital WHEN you or a family member gets covid..

      If you’re so healthy, so “sure”..
      Stay home and suck it up buttercup!!

    2. Lindsay I don’t think you need to go to the hospital if u have covid unless you have poor health.

    3. Lindsay lol you supposed to be funny or something? I was smoking cigarettes when I was sick with covid, talking from my own experience. Hit me like a mild flu.

  4. Get told we are essential and forced to work or risk losing access to EI/CERB if we chose to quit, Told that gloves/masks and social distancing is safe. Now it is no longer considered safe….was it ever actually safe?

  5. Surprised caucus hasn’t threatened to throw him and Turdeau out already. I thought there was a strict ‘no clowns’ policy

  6. Thought we All had a choice, and… No, I’m Not paying your “Invoice” to fund your political 36 day election either, were in a “Pandemic”, or has Our Government not noticed? Has our Government already spent the last of Canadian dollars, and this is a “Sign” of things to come…Unbelievable!

  7. I am threatening to throw his entire party out of office, along with Trudeau. Fresh start across the land. We can not reward ineptness

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