Doug Ford wants to speed up reopening in Ontario, sources say | COVID-19 in Canada

Doug Ford wants to speed up reopening in Ontario, sources say | COVID-19 in Canada 1


    1. Doug Fraud won’t open anything, or if he does, he’ll leave the door open to regional restrictions imposed by local health authorities. That allows him to say “it wasn’t me”.

    1. What kind of nonsense are you spouting…”mandates don’t affect transmission.” That’s crap and you know it. Do some research and report back with the truth.

  1. Drop all mandates. I have a job overseas in a country that doesn’t require vaccines or PCR tests, yet I can’t catch a direct flight there from the city I was born in because I am a Canadian citizen lol

    1. I hear you, and have been considering moving abroad, but I can’t even leave this banana republic because of Trudeau. FORD’S COMPLIANCE ISN’T HELPING GETTING FEDERAL RESTRICTIONS LIFTED. You either part of the solution or part of the problem………..

    2. Correction: drop all mandates and restrictions PERMANENTLY.

      That capitalized word is extremely important, as without it, the corrupt politicians will just bring back restrictions and mandates whenever they feel like it.

  2. OK we have had protest in Ottawa for 2 weeks now and have not heard of one case of COIVD in Ottawa. If this was so bad Ottawa hospitals should be over run with case ‘s by now. So where is all these so called COIVD case’s?

    1. The reason, Blue sky, is because COVID already passed its winter peak. The active case count in Ontario peaked on Jan. 10th — which was one day earlier than it peaked in Jan. 2021. COVID is seasonal, just like its fellow respiratory viruses.

      Ottawa specifically hit its winter active case peak on Jan. 3rd. Here are the figures for the city in weekly installments, according to the Ontario government’s own data:

      9,404 = Jan. 3rd
      8,780 = Jan. 10th
      5,404 = Jan. 17th
      3,839 = Jan. 24th
      2,752 = Jan. 31st
      2,049 = Feb. 7th

      The figure reported today (Feb. 10th) is 1,672.

    2. @Primmakin Sofis Exactly. These are annual FLU numbers. I’m not sure why it OVERWHELMED the system with this when that’s what they’re TRAINED to do. And it’s pretty predictable like it’s fellow respiratory viruses. Hospitals have been prepping for over a DECADE for a PANDEMIC and this OVERWHELMED them.? How many hospitals does Ottawa have? 10-14? I know the minimum is 10 but not the max. If they can’t handle that “influx” them we need new LEADERSHIP in HEALTHCARE.

  3. Murray out of Vancouver – Quadra, Khera out of Brampton west, are both in their comfortable offices, presumably in support of mandates, as their not standing against prime minister’s mandates. In fact, only Joel Lightbound, out of Louis-Hebert, mentioned retracting mandate measures from the other day. Today, Duclos out of Quebec, also supported continuation of mandates.

    1. Another Liberal MP from Quebec, Yves Robillard, has decided to speak up to say he agrees with “everything that Lightbound said”.

    1. Not if the Omicron Sub-Variant has anything to say about it. I think we’ll have to accept Lockdowns and Restrictions every fall and winter for the rest of the decade.

  4. just drop the mandates and passports…now and bring peace. Stop telling the doctors what to say and threaten their jobs. That is inexcusable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The crowd in Ottawa and elsewhere is not filling up hospital beds or dying on the street. What can be more telling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Not really. Active cases in Ontario peaked on Jan. 10th and have dropped steadily since then. (That peak date, incidentally, was one day earlier than the January 2021 peak. COVID is seasonal, just like other respiratory viruses.)

    2. @Primmakin Sofis it is seasonal and it keeps getting weaker and weaker. Hopefully it becomes so weak that it’s eventually a non issue completely.

    3. Really? Seasonal? I don’t know about you but I’ve been on lockdown or close to it 4 times now once in March to April 2020 then again almost the following November 2020, then in may and June 2021 then in January 2022 so please explain how that’s seasonal? That covers 4 seasons lol

  6. Apparently, medical science depends on geographic region, and the amount of parked vehicles on the streets 😂
    Truckers have accomplished what our circus politicians could not in two years

    1. @Gordy those who didn’t get jabbed accept that their outcome may be worse. Ontario hospital average occupancy was 96% with 28 hospitals actually over 100% 2018-2019. We had a problem before and still do now. If they spent the same amount of effort improving the system as they did promoting vaccines and vilifying the unvaccinated we would not have the problems we have today.

    2. @Julio Gonzo Unfortunately they still show up at the hospital so we still have to delay other procedures to treat them.

    3. @Gordyremember when they said you wouldn’t get it? And then you could. Wake up and realize you’ve been coned.

  7. Keep going truckers! The politicians can’t be trusted. Hold the line and do not compromise. End ALL mandates!

  8. Ford missed a great opportunity to advance his own political career , and the reputation of his party.
    He has appeared to be a small L liberal , with no stomach for confrontation. He should be replaced.

    1. Replaced with who? Doug Fraud is a corrupt, spineless coward, but Christine Liesalott is a corrupt, treacherous snake.

      The entire Conservative party in Ontario needs to be destroyed the way the Progressive Conservatives federally were destroyed in 1993.

  9. Just do it Doug Ford,! You are the Premier of Ontario, stand up for your own constituents and do what’s right for them. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH the whole world is stating. Be on the Right Side of History.

    1. He’s a corrupt politician. Once corrupt they never go back…. The cabal has him cornered and he has to do what he’s told. The government works like the mafia. Do your researches…

  10. I love how these politicians make it look like it was their idea and how they’re moving on this by their own inspiration

  11. They need to hire back everyone they fired given that mandates don’t affect transmission.

  12. Apparently, medical science depends on geographic region, and the amount of parked vehicles on the streets 😂
    Truckers have accomplished what our circus politicians could not in two years

    1. Used to be that our freedoms and decent government were reasons yo live here, no longer the case and it’s not like the weather is going to keep anybody here. I’m considering the same thing seriously.

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