1. @Gabe Mendoza

      Everytime they’re looking for a free handout from the government they make their little stock market go down. Well not this time…

    2. @Gabe Mendoza …I wish you were right. Sigh, get ready for us little guys to get boned again :L we should be used to getting a bill pushed back to us taxpayers to bail out corporations

  1. Pandemic,so the markets going to kick itself back some money. Because tragedy is big money’s money maker.

  2. It Dropped b/c Trump just filed his 2020 taxes…it’s late…realllllly late. And did he filed single, married, or divorced?

  3. I don’t know what you are freaking out about CNN. It’s not like stocks aren’t artificially inflated by stock buybacks for CEO’s who want to avoid paying their taxes….

  4. Funny how capitalism *fails* if you kill all the workers. Can somebody let our Wall Street overlords know of this discovery?

  5. Good thing…rich people getting even richer while the rest of us suffer during this pandemic is an unbearable thought!

  6. The outbreaks are in republican states. Let these people learn the value of a vaccine the hard way

    1. @James Eagle Cleetus: “Where ya’ goin’ Jeb?”
      Jeb: “Goin’ to the ER, gonna own sum libs.”

  7. We’ve gone from bad when COVID started in March 2020 to worst when Summer 2020 ended and Fall 2020 came. Then went good when Biden was sworn in. And now terribly worst because of Delta. Thanks Indians!

    1. Every statement from the CDC says the vaccine is just as effective against all variants. What are you taking about?

  8. Shout out to George Floyd on fourteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals!!

  9. I’m most worried for unvaccinated children of those anti-vaxxers in the “red” hot zones, as this virus is highly adaptable – it’s soon going to go after the only available populations…

  10. We saw the stock markets skyrocket during global pandemics. Wars. And other human crisis. Now that were finding some sort of stability it begins to tank. Think about this.

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