Dozens killed in crush at a mass religious event in Israel 1

Dozens killed in crush at a mass religious event in Israel


Dozens of people have been killed in a crush at a mass religious gathering on Mount Meron in northern Israel, emergency responders say. An estimated 50,000-100,000 people had crowded onto the mountain to celebrate the Lag B'Omer holiday. CNN's Hadas Gold reports.

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  1. As a claustrophobic person, I can’t even look at that scene where hundreds of them are tightly squeezed to each other. Of course you’re going to die. Just looking at that scene, I’m dead. Stay safe y’all. RIP

    1. This even happens every year (except last year as they completely closed it off due to covid restrictions) with similar sizes and sometimes even larger and not really any issues.
      Besides everyone who goes there enjoys it particularly being that it’s squashed, it’s part of the vibe.

  2. Looks like a repeat of what has been happening in India. “Pandemic over with” let’s all gather together and kick start a new wave of Covid19.

    1. @Jonathan Silva The severity depends on the individual, really. To one, it may be just like a cold, but to somebody else, It may restrict your airways, damage your lungs, among other things.
      I know how bad Covid can be. One of my family members had a case so bad that they couldn’t remember anything from the period in which they were infected.

    2. @Jonathan Silva maybe you are only looking around your small neighborhood, believing it is the whole world. Even don’t care about healthcare system has been strained. And you don’t know about how seriously people are still tackling this in other parts of the world. ignorance. Why do you think Israeli govt has vaccinated its population so quickly?

    1. @Carlos Gomez Carlos, the land of Palestine is their ancestral home, and many of the modern Jews have now been born there. The problem is that they haven’t been sharing the land with Palestinians like they were told to by the British.

    2. What were these people crushed by? Saying a “crush” killed people is WAY to vague for me. The wording is SO CONFUSING!

    3. @Ezra Potter You know how a few people died when the January 6th riot happened because they got ran over by other rioters? It’s a similar thing, but on a much larger scale.

  3. I’m really sorry about the tragical incident that take place with the Stampede I hope everybody is okay and in spite of what please be safe and stay blessed

  4. The whole educated world trying to stay apart should use this as an example of how people have forgotten how to act in large close quarters with care

  5. Stay home for safe everyone.Make sure you wear a mask before going out or in public to avoid Kovid-19.

    1. No bhh you were a mask don’t tell me what to do u sheep don’t take the shot wu tang clan looking bh

    2. @Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus It is still recommended that you use masks in crowded spaces, though.

  6. Deepest condolences from Greece to our Israeli friends. So sorry for this unimaginable tragedy !!

    1. No kids who passed away were dragged, they chose to go on their own accord as its fun and enjoyable (and covid restrictions have been lifted there due to mass vaccinations)

    2. @Chris Sobo first of all if a kid runs across a road, I’m going to assume it’s not usually because someone told them to.

      However, they are given an option go with your father or brother or stay at home/go to a more tame event.

      Furthermore, I doubt that there were really young kids there, they would have all been at an age that they can do things on their own

  7. Harlots were crowded by Mount Meron early Friday for the celebration of Lag BaOmer, a holiday that, among other things, commemorates Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, a second century sage and mystic who is buried at the base of the mountain. God did this because a mystic was took into consideration that was buried in mount Meron

  8. 44 people crushed in a stampede from overcrowding…sincere condolences to the survivors left behind to grieve

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