Dozens of swimmers accused of harassing dolphins in Hawaii | USA TODAY

Swimmers were charged with harassing dolphins in Hawaii. Federal law prohibits swimming within 50 yards of spinner dolphins.

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Thirty-three swimmers are accused of "pursuing, corralling, and harassing" the dolphins in Hōnaunau Bay on Sunday, according to a press release from the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.

It's against federal law to swim within 50 yards of spinner dolphins in Hawaii’s nearshore waters. The prohibition went into effect in 2021 amid concerns that so many tourists were swimming with dolphins that the nocturnal animals weren’t getting the rest they need during the day to be able to forage for food at night.

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    1. They did not look like playing.
      Oh wait, they’re playing YOU ARE IT.
      Lock them dolphins chasers up!

    2. How do you know? You talk to dolphins now? They seem like they don’t want to play right now. You done of the dolphin chasers in the video?

  1. It is not even possible to harass a healthy dolphin in open water as a swimmer. I’m a good swimmer and a healthy dolphin will outswim me five-fold. When I’m minding my business in the surf lineup in California I dont accuse the dolphins of harassing me when they approach me from deeper waters.

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