Senator presses AG to open Nashville hate crime investigation for ‘targeting of Christians’ #Shorts

Sen. John Kennedy pressed the attorney general on opening up a hate crime investigation for the "targeting of Christians" in the Nashville shooting.

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Officials are working to determine the motive behind a deadly shooting at a Christian school in Nashville as more details emerge about the shooter who killed three students and three staff members Monday.

The shooter was identified by police as 28-year-old former student Audrey Elizabeth Hale. Hale shot open a glass side door and entered the Covenant School with three weapons, including an AR-style rifle, an AR-style pistol and a handgun, according to police.

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    1. ​@Noah Raye Kaiba ​how come the perps shoes changed from when they were in the hall to after they got shot? Where were the teachers vehicles and staff lot? Where were empty casings? Why not chairs/desks out of place? Why didn’t cops clear all rooms before finding shooter?

  1. It was a hate crime. 10 minutes on YouTube could show you that.

    1)previously a student
    4)targeted the Dean of the school.

    Also, it’s funny to see the MSM stating this morning that “body cams” have been released when I watched the police take her out with a handful of shots yesterday. And they have body cams from at least 2-3 different officers so that you can witness it from multiple angles. Makes your stomach turn. At least it did mine.

    Big thanks to the police who risked their lives to save as many people as they could in that scenario ❤

    1. @Erik Dayne Going after collaborators ring a bell? Why do u want law abiding citizens to lose the Constitutional right of owning a specific gun? If u were to outlaw a specific gun does that make these horrific acts stop? Think and act on that 1.

    2. Hate inspired doesnt mean hate crime. Hate crime is an extremely specific thing based on protected inherent identities such as religious affiliation, national or ethnic origin, sexuality, etc. If she did this because she was raped as a child by a priest or something, it would not constitute a hate crime. Revenge? Sure. But not a specific sentence of “hate crime”

    1. @Mike Weaver you are coming from this as a person who wouldn’t attack a school. You can’t understand the reasons behind someone who would. You might learn the reason but you’ll never understand. Only someone capable of this could.

    1. @Benjamin Harman judging by comments like yours it’s easy to understand why they hate everyone else


    2. ​@HM3 Drake how come the perps shoes changed from when they were in the hall to after they got shot? Where were the teachers vehicles and staff lot? Where were empty casings? Why not chairs/desks out of place? Why didn’t cops clear all rooms before finding shooter?

    3. I bet you’d support the investigation if it was trying to determine why Dr. Seuss decided not to sell certain of his books anymore.

    1. maybe you should look up what defines a hate crime. . cause you’re wrong with that assumption.
      hate crime doesn’t mean you are angry about something. . it has to be race based, or based on a specific prejudices.

  2. She forgot to post the picture holding a gun to someone’s head, something like the ball bat picture. Disturbing little minds from both.

  3. I don’t get the whole concept of “hate crime.”

    If you want to kill a specific individual, you probably hate them. If you want to kill a specific group of people, you probably hate them. But it doesn’t matter. If we’re all supposed to be equal, then it shouldn’t be assigned a greater or lessor punishment based on whether the person you hated a Christian, a Canadian, a brown, white, yellow or red person, a Camaro owner, a cat lady, a Physicist or a Target cashier, a basketball player or a sport fisherman, a transgender, straight or gay person, a good cook or a bad cook, etc., etc., etc. Assign a punishment to first degree murder (or whatever crime) and that’s that. If our lives are all of equal value, then it’s kind of insulting that you would take killing my coworker more seriously than you would take killing me. The whole concept of differing sentences based upon WHO one kills…inherently implies that some of us are more important than others.

    1. @Conrad Dunkerson “That would depend upon the wording of the specific law in question. Some hate crimes laws require only that the victim have been targeted because they are a member of some group (as in your example) while others look at the perceived intended impact on the targeted group.”

      That makes perfect sense. But in your first reply, you corrected me by talking about the intended impact on the group. And I agreed that such intended impact is worse than just the base crime. But that leaves me bothered by the differential punishments applied to those crimes committed against a subset of a group that do NOT have intended impact on the entire group.

    2. No it implies the crime is a deeper and darker crime of killing someone for an inherent identity, which over half of what you listed doesnt count as.

    3. @Small People it is deeper and darker, they didn’t shoot at a playground randomly, didn’t break into a random house, they went through locked doors, deliberately shot several times to access the hard to access target. And they hunted for over 5 minutes before they found their target, small Christian children, we can agree the Principal was collateral, the lady that tried to stop it from killing the children and was slain, yeah that’s probably unintended l, the active hunting and execution of children including the extra rounds shot into the corpses.

  4. Seems to me that those people hated with such ferocity that it came back to bite them. Hate breeds hate.

    1. @Duramax Dad you realize that suicide rate is caused by hate? Hate breeds suffering, not hate.

    2. @very daizey you use the word cap and call me a kid. Ironic. It’s not a lie. They don’t commit suicide cause they feel like it, kid.

    1. Harden targets… the perp had scouted an alternative location but decided against I because of armed guards

    2. @Grey Jedi  idk. Something about schools having armed and armored guards feels wrong. I agree it can work, but it feels so totalitarian to me.

    3. @Duramax Dad  an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent’s real argument. Any question, such as your initial one, is fairly open to interpretation. It’s not a strawman argument. It’s just that person’s interpretation of the question. No, I don’t think something like what I suggested would stop this entirely, but it’s a step. It’s better than just accepting that children are dead because we don’t want to do anything about it. We owe it to those children to at least try, and no law is set in stone, so they can be repealed if it doesn’t work. Worst case scenario, we waste tax payer money, and that is almost always squandered anyway.

  5. Well it should be, if someone did this to a Muslim school, you would have 0 problem calling this a hate crime

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