Dr. Anthony Fauci Indicates He’s Open To Relaxing Indoor Masking | Morning Joe | MSNBC

States are asking the federal government to withhold amounts of Covid-19 vaccine amid plummeting demand for the shots. Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci said he is open to relaxing indoor masking.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci Indicates He's Open To Relaxing Indoor Masking | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I was at the bar over the weekend literally no one, but the servers were wearing them. I walked in with my mask on and felt out of place as everyone just looked at me like no ones wearing them lol. People are sick of wearing these masks.

    1. @ZwrotPL Idk what you do for work, but I do understand. There’s people passing out from wearing them cause its hard to freaking breath with them on a full shift.

  2. Fauci is just too kind to us I mean now we can all enjoy a hotdog this July 4th with friend’s! 🙄🤡🤡

    1. @Easy Money May want to check your”facts”. If your so absolutly sure about the vaccine, then why is dictator joe and his right hand man dr. falsey telling fully vaccinated people to continue wearing masks, and to stay away from large groups etc. etc.??

    2. @Mark 15Vintage No vaccine is 100% perfect, the Covid vaccines are better than most with 90 – 95% effectiveness. Vaccine is not a magic shield that keeps the virus from entering your body. It wakes up your immune system, and says be on the lookout for this bug, and prepares your body to fight it off without making you sick.
      There is a very small chance that you can still be infected enough to shed virus that can make someone else sick, even if it doesn’t make you sick. That is why you still wear a mask around people that may be vulnerable.

    3. @Easy Money Oh, so its my responcibility to make everyone else safe? What ever happen to “Personal Responcibility”? If its my responcibility to make everyone else safe then I say we do away with cars and trucks and everyone can walk to work. Much safer fir everyone.

    4. @Mark 15Vintage There is an old old saying, ‘No man is an island’ You not being vaccinated does not affect just you. As much as you wish to deny any social responsibility for others, it just doesn’t work that way. Your family, friends, coworkers, the clerk in the store, all can be affected by your actions or inaction. Even if you don’t get sick or have symptoms, you can spread it to others.

      None of us is safe as long as the virus is spreading, spreading is replicating, replicating is mutating. Sooner or later one or more of those mutations is going to bypass the vaccines. There could also be mutations that are ten times as deadly. Until herd immunity is reached either by vaccines or antibodies from previous infection, it is a deadly threat to all of us.

    5. @Easy Money That’s all just politicized BS. No person has a responsibility to protect another person from a virus. Everyone knows what the risk is, and it is their responsibility to do as they see fit to protect themselves. The virus has a 98 – 99% survivability rate according to the CDC. Simple things like washing your hands and covering your face if you have to sneeze or cough is just as effective as wearing a mask that doesn’t stop a virus (according to the label on the mask package). Do you really think that piece of cloth most people wear is stopping anything? A doctor once said that wearing a cloth face covering is like trying to stop mosquitoes with chicken fencing. I will NOT allow the dictator in chief to tell me and my family and friends that we can or cant gather in a group to celebrate a birthday, or holiday, etc. I also will NOT listen to a has been hack calling himself a “doctor” that cant keep his own story straight. How many times has Falsey changed his story? The best thing I ever heard Falsey say was “The best mask to wear is one that doesn’t allow air through it” WHAT? And that quack is supposed to be a doctor?? All you have to do to see through the BS being spewed by the government and its propaganda machine (aka “news”) is listen to them. Why, if you have been “Fully vaccinated” would you have to wear a mask, or not go out in public? Aren’t you protected already? If the vaccine is so great that it protects you, then why limit peoples gatherings? Oh wait, this is the United Socialist of America where we will have to have papers that say we can go outside and do things, or go places. If wearing a mask prevents the spread of the virus, then why have so many had it, and keep getting it? If you have already been infected with the virus then why should you get the vaccine? Shouldn’t you already HAVE antibodies? This is nothing more than government trying its best to control the population and there are far to many sheep just eating it up without asking questions. I have a friend at work, who got the vaccine and had a really bad reaction to it. The doctor told him that he likely already had covid, and that is why he had such a bad reaction. Why wasn’t he tested before being given the vaccine? I for one am sick and tired of all these whiney people crying about this that and the other for something with a 98 – 99% survival rate while people are being handed a load of crap about staying home and not visiting with other people. How many people have committed suicide because of all the hype over covid? How many more have committed suicide over losing their jobs, or businesses? How many more have died from medical issues that they didn’t go to a hospital for because they were afraid of covid? So, say what you want, but each and every person is responsible for themselves. The risk is yours to take and yours alone. If you don’t feel safe going out in public, THEN DONT.

    1. Definitely gives the impression that a group of well behaved sheep were given an instruction and followed it immediately, including making a post that says, “And check out those dislikes”. LOL. Good doggie.

    2. @Lili Wallace

      He’s not in it for the money… he’s a deep state puppet being used for their control agenda.

    3. @wanda supremacy that’s the thing. Theoretically he shouldn’t be a partisan person. In fact a year ago he had bipartisan approval. But he’s been basically turned into a god by the media and it makes him suspect to everyone with some sense. Then the media does the only thing it knows how to do, make it a ‘Republicans are bad’ story.

    1. If it wasn’t for anti-vaccination lunatics, we’d be in the clear in a couple of weeks.

    2. @Deborah Freedman if it wasn’t for the government we’d be back to normal right now.


    4. @Deborah Freedman lol no their end goal is total “domination” of the world. Do you believe in God? If so it would be wise to acknowledge the works of evil as well. Greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convince the world he didnt exist? How about digging into the WHO.. Bill Gates, Fauci, Nwo, Agenda 21..what us “conspiracy” people are seeing is what the documents we seen years ago being played out in real life. But those who have no preconceived understanding of the direction we are heading think the government will save them. Tell that to the germans in the 1940s. You dont study history. You are being trained and conditioned to praisthe state as your God.

    5. @Deborah Freedman and the true NAZIS were brought here to work in our government after WWII. Called operation paperclip. Look it up.

    1. @I Eat Pangolins I don’t trust people who eat pangolins. Look where that got us plus pangolins are hella endangered

    2. @Pratham Soni Unfortunately, the sale hasn’t proceeded despite Trump approving it and Walmart and Oracle teaming up for the acquisition

    1. Chlorine in swimming pools actually kills COVID-19 they’ve done studies that prove this. So does ultraviolet light. They know this just as well. Kind of makes you wonder why they told us stay stay out of swimming pools any in the house out of the sun doesn’t it?

    2. @The Faceless Nomad Bro this is literally just stuff you made up. Please refer to actual science about what the cold is (hint: there are hundreds of viruses under the “common cold” label so a vaccine can’t easily be made) if you are trying to make claims comparing it to COVID.

  3. Wait…a week ago fauci said another year for masks because of the indian version…i just cant….

  4. Once covid goes up he will say “I warned you all, now is not the good time to not wear masks” with his dry voice.

    1. There is a boarded fetal tissue in all your vaccines,, even cancer patients tissue, monkeys and hamsters

  5. Shutting off your tv cures covid variants including china and now the brazilian strand and heightens your fashion sense

  6. Thank you Overlords. We are so grateful for anything you give is. We are on our knees begging for mercy, please give us mercy….

    1. Make sure you say the same thing to your doctor when you go in next and he gives you advice. Dimwitted fool.

    1. People didn’t get sick this year because of herd immunity not because you wore a mask. Such lies. Me and my fiancé got sick in November 2019 before all this and we’ve never worn a mask and what a shocker we are fine healthy and alive.

    2. That’s what people at the bottom of the IQ curve think. Although “think” may be a stretch.

  7. Thank you fuaci i recommend everyone to start learning butt hole breathing therapy its very helpful

  8. Me: Dr. Fauci, does ivermectin cure the covid in three days like some real doctors say it does?

    Dr. Fauci: …(crickets)… (crickets)…

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