The Justice Department Is Starting To Offer Plea Deals To Capitol Rioters | Alicia Menendez | MSNBC

Over 440 members of the January 6th mob have been charged in the attack—including one man claiming he was under the influence of “Foxmania.” Former Watergate prosecutor and MSNBC contributor Jill Wine-Banks discusses the “Fox News defense” and the proposed 9/11-style commission on the Capitol Riot on American Voices with Alicia Menendez.

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The Justice Department Is Starting To Offer Plea Deals To Capitol Rioters | Alicia Menendez | MSNBC


  1. No plea deals for the highly propagandised, indoctrinated, manipulated and radicalized seditionist and insurectionist!

    1. @Jamtommy
      Name one “city” that burned down. I’m pretty sure you will find that all American cities still exist.

    2. @Jock Young
      Ah Semantics… I see.
      Yes those fire ravaged cities still exist- with Billions in property damage. Private businesses that had absolutely nothing to do with that violent felon’s murder (Yeah murder) looted and burned to the ground. People’s lifelong dreams, livelihoods destroyed and even lives taken. But yeah Chaz chop is over(I think, is it?) that actually was an insurrection. But hey it’s all good and virtuous right…
      The media is now blatantly leftist and will provide pr cover for their own.. They called the leftist riots ~ *Fiery but mostly peaceful protests* while calling Jan 6th a *VioLeNT iNsuRRecTiOn* .
      It’s pretty much in your face. You have to be blind or stupid not to see it.

  2. The commission needs to determine if there were RICO violations. If there were connections between rioters and police and/or connections between rioters and congressmen, this needs to be prosecuted.

  3. No, that laughable defense won’t work. Pardon all personal cannabis use offenses and there will be plenty of space in the jails for the insurrectionists.

    1. @The Liberace Liberation Front I’m crazy? You’re listening to Bill Gates a man who’s not a politician or Doctor as he profits over a plandemic he helped create, as he’s buying up 300,000 acres of farmland with the profits! FACT!!

    2. In a criminal trial, only one juror needs to be unconvinced beyond a reasonable doubt to lead to a mistrial.

  4. Disbar someone with no shame nor any need of money?
    What’s next? A strongly worded letter from Susan Collins?
    There is no justice. 🤦🏽

    1. @Just passing through.
      Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure.
      And you just happen to parrot all the right wing t talking points word for word.
      No one believes anything coming from your speak hole.

    2. @Sean Patrick No Sean,it’s true. Seattle is in the state of Washington and Portland is in the state of Oregon. And I’m just going to take a shot in the dark here and guess that you don’t speak for everybody. Antifa pukes have you back though.

    3. @Sean Patrick Are you one of those meth heads like the antifa crowd? Because meth kills a lot of brain cells and you’re exhibiting the same symptoms.

    4. @Sean Patrick There’s a ton of Traders on both sides of the aisle. That’s America’s biggest problem. Trouble is, too many dummies stuck on one side or the other.

    1. I will accept that. Only if they force the domestic terrorist groups BLM AND ANTIFA to go with them.

    2. @Rodney Bean just the ones caught looting and rioting otherwise all maga has to go including trump and all 74 mil who voted for him. Fair is fair.

    3. @Odin Griffen That is good with me. We should not have to deal with all this rioting and looting from all sides.

    4. @Rodney Bean ya its absurd. Its as if people think their politics outweigh common decency and right and wrong. Or just use it as an excuse to act like animals.

    1. @Troy Cote the left isn’t a thing. There are reasonable exceptions for each of the cases you list and that is what we are seeing.

    2. @Scourge you do realise that the democrats under Truman relocated 1600 Nazis to the USA at the end of ww2., was Hitler’s head of security that started the CIA…..also democrat senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia from 1951 to 2010,mentor to Hilary Clinton,and good friend of Joe biden started the West Virginia kkk in 1944….. Donald trump was given a humanitarian award the same day as Rosa parks and Muhammed Ali… Please fact check me…

    3. @The Blade so you call yourself a patriot for being everything the propaganda machine tells you??? You have no idea what really happened at the capital…..

    1. @Jamtommy there is much better chance of Biden curing cancer then your god ever getting back in the White House. And that is a fact not like dupies health care in about two weeks four years ago.

    2. Time to go after BLM and Antifa, I would hate to believe that this is a dual justice system

    3. @Steve Nadort
      Did you see Joe Potato’s “Press conference” .. This potato Potus is comedic gold. I hope he runs for re-election at 82 years old, it’ll be hilarious.

    4. @Jamtommy It would be great to see Joe run in four years. If were lucky we will see him run against dumpy from his jail cell.

    1. @MrTwige it doesn’t sound as if you have put away childish things. You sound like a spoiled brat and definitely do not possess a Christ like spirit. Why are you so angry?

    2. @MrTwige why don’t you act like a man and let us know where you are so we can find you and discuss this in person. You trump folks talk a big game but lack in actions.

    3. @MrTwige I follow Christ but the court of law doesn’t care about Christ. So its irrelevant. My point still stands lol.

  5. I want to see the ORCHISTRATORS get arrested/indicted/charged………..Charlie Manson wasn’t at Cielo dr. but he sure was charged and CONVICTED for the murders there

    1. @Mainely “trump trash” was born on trumps campaign trail in 2015. All it took was trash talk mixed with fear, hatred, violence and exposed grievances. Voila!
      The white christian nationalist says – If you don’t board the trumpcrazytrain, you’ll be cancelled. I’d rather be cancelled than live in an alternate reality filled with outlandish conspiracy theories and a Lying Narcissistic Psychopathic Russian Loving Mango Mussolini in charge.
      It’s plain to see – some people just never learn from history.

    2. @TheTRUTHmatters! So I’m nuts while you listen to Gates ,not a politician and never graduated college profiting huge. Buying up 300,000 acres of farmland since Covid, talking About eating fake meat!!! These are FACTS!! Go bury your head in the sand and pretend this isn’t really happening. Watch Event 201, or Nicholson 1968 “Controlled ” please. Just want you to check out the facts.

    3. @Angela Siegfried File that complaint with Donald Trump. He has nasty nicknames for everyone and his followers LOVE it. Republicans are turned on by it.

  6. No plea deals. They don’t deserve it after what their hate and ignorance have done to our country.

    1. @T. R. Campbell Perhaps you didn’t listen to his rallies and speeches since 2016. He’s been playing his projection and deflection game by claiming Democrats would hold a coup. He’s been riling his supporters up with lies and fear-mongering about election fraud. Those who are able to see the big picture, saw this insurrection/failed coup happening for quite some time. Our mistake was thinking that our paid officials knew and had it under control.

    2. @Friend I have been listening to his speeches. If we put all of the hate and the bitterness inside he has implemented a lot of Democrat party platform issues.
      1. He opened the roadmap to economic prosperity that our iconic JFK gave us. This roadmap brought economic prosperity during jFK’s time and most recently up until the time of COVID-19 ravage the world. Gayle was given an excellent foundation upon which to revive our supercharged economy.
      2. Lower prescription drug prices was a Democrat party platform issue. The previous administration issued three executive orders to require the federal government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies. We saw the hate against him by big Pharma play out when they announced COVID-19 vaccines after the presidential election.
      3. Prison reform was a Democrat party platform issue and the previous administration along with the assistance of some celebrities initiated prison reform and pardoned three black Americans who were serving life terms for relatively minor crimes.
      We saw Nancy tear up his last state of the union speech. I thought that was rather a child distress year. That other state of the union speech as we saw him on her various Americans. But in this case, all of the hate and bitterness is directed towards the end of January 6 speech. I never heard the speech but I obtained a transcript of it and there is nothing whatsoever in the speech that promotes violence. Indeed, he told the people there to obey the law.

    3. @Friend Hon…..we think you are running short on hormones. Have that checked and don’t forget…go to Vaccines.gum…that is Vaccines.gum and tell ’em Joey Robinette Houseplant sent you.

    4. Do you guys get paid to be this stupid? You are really good at it so you probably should be

  7. Plea deals😝! I don’t believe my ears! They all need to be held accountable for their actions including cult leader Donald Trump.😷

    1. The plea deals will only be allowed if someone has valuable information on bigger fish. I really want to see Trump, Cruz, Giuliani, etc. implicated and charged.

    2. Ladies & gents, Gitmo Bay is open for business. Let ’em in. Sedition plain and simple. 😊😁😉

  8. Fox executives and presenters should then be hauled up for incitement. You really want to see Murdock and Son in Ft. Leavensworth.

  9. Prison for all of them, NO chance of EVER owning a firearm again, and heavy fines for all of them so they are reminded EVERY day why they work at Walmart.

    1. @Scotty Porter If you can admit that the right wing in this country has a problem with racism then i will debate you but if you cannot even be honest with yourself why should i bother. Democrats are not the ones groups like the KKK are lining up to get behind. Not once did i see anyone on the left marching through the streets yelling the jews will not replace us. Also i was not shaming those in poverty us lefties are the only ones trying to help them

    2. @Jesus’ Fish Room Yes – his troll game is very weak. All the good trolls are on college football fan forums.

    3. @B Bodziak You give him too much credit – no doubt he got that from a “Snappy comeback” website – lol

    4. ​@Chill Will Why are you ignoring the fact that bombs were planted there that day? Or that they tried to bring firearms but were unsuccessful? (there is written and audio accounts from the far right that they had planned to bring guns). Also DC does not allow guns and the FBI arrested someone with a truck load of firearms parked near the capitol on that day. And never mind that they sharpened the ends of wooden flag poles into stakes. Or that they injured 140 police officers most who are traumatized from the experience. But aside from all that you’re right.

    5. @Angela Siegfried No bombs went off and there were no police shootings by protestors. For a year prior though liberals violently protested and threw bombs at police, why don’t you care?


    1. Velvet Sadly Jeff Beauregard “I can’t recall” Sessions committed PERJURY several times and has he been jailed yet? Good old republiKKKan criminal double standards.

    1. ….and could FOX news be found criminally responsible for continuing to incite the sheeple with more lies?

  11. Jesus, too much Justice to go around, but not enough time. That’s sad. Every single one of these traitors deserves the book thrown at them, not a plea deal.

    1. I agree. They are adults. The have to face the consequences of their actions
      No blame game here.

  12. I don’t want them embarrased i want them sentenced like any person would be. Hard time and charged like criminal they are.

    1. A medium or maximum security federal prison is no joke and I am betting a lot of them will be put in a maximum security prison – momma isn’t going to be there to tuck them in at night.

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