Dr. Anthony Fauci On The U.S. Fight Against Covid-19 | Joshua Johnson | MSNBC

58% of Americans have gotten their first shot but the recovery is slowing down as the U.S. vaccination rate drops below 2 million people per day. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases joins NBC’s Joshua Johnson to answer some viewer questions and discuss what still needs to be done to get back to normal in the U.S.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci On The U.S. Fight Against Covid-19 | Joshua Johnson | MSNBC


  1. We are about to travel from the UK to Australia. To fly we need a covid travel certificate asserting a negative covid test and or vaccination. The airline will not allow us to travel without one. Even then we have to quarantine for two weeks in Australia in an approved quarantine facility. I would be pro a vaccination passport…the certificate costs over a hundred pounds each and quarantine accommodation will cost us about three thousand dollars Australian.

    1. ​@Endless Forms Most Beautiful As an expat British/Australian myself, that’s not possible.

      I’m no fan of Scott Morrison or any other Australian politician for that matter, but to compare Morrison to Trump, there really is no comparison. Trump was the absolute pits; a criminally corrupt, inept, incompetent, narcissistic moron and neo-fascist autocrat that lied about everything, gave huge tax breaks and contracts to his wealthy elite donors, corporate cronies and stooges, destroyed virtually all US alliances ruining US foreign policy, sucked up to dictators and murderers Putin, MBS, Erdoğan and Kim Jong-un, and managed to be responsible for the deaths of over half a million American citizens to ‘negligent homicide’ due to his pathetic response to COVID-19 which also as a result tanked the economy and created unemployment levels never seen since the ‘Great Depression’.

      Sure, like most global political leaders Morrison is just another power hungry servant of the wealthy corporate ruling class, but he’s no ‘Don the Con’ Trump. Everything Trump touches dies.

      Yep, there’s NO Australian politician you can admire. From what I can see around the World, there are only a few women leaders like NZ’s PM Jacinda Ardern, Germany’s PM Angela Merkel, and maybe Finland’s PM Sanna Marin, Denmark’s PM Mette Frederickson, Slovakia’s President Zuzana Čaputová, and Iceland’s PM Katrín Jakobsdóttir that are showing the men how leading a country should be done. Maybe, it’s the maternal instinct for caring that men of power just can’t grasp. Unfortunately, the alpha male ego isn’t what the World needs. We need to build a kinder, more caring society where no one is left behind, rather than the ‘dog eat dog’ primitive ‘law of the jungle’ society that continues to prevail.

    2. I don’t know how much 100 lbs. is in USD but it sounds like a rip off. why would such a thing cost so much? (besides greed). In the US vaccine is free and the cert. is free (it comes with the vaccine). If you’ve been vaccinated and test negative I see no need for quarantine. Sounds like AU is taking advantage of tourists for profit. I would avoid AU. Go to HI instead. Alaska is wonderful this time of year also.

    3. @William Eaton That’s £100 which is US$141.43, not lbs (pounds weight). Dear oh dear. Lol! 😀 And who’s saying it’s £100 (pounds sterling) anyway?

    4. @William Eaton Australia is not taking advantage of anything we don’t have a vaccine roll out here because our government did not want the Pfizer and went with another one so we could make it here turns out we don’t have the capacity and our Feds had no back up plan. So right now we are always one covid case away from a full on break out.

  2. 5 year old granddaughter saw Dr Fauci on TV & turns around & out of the blue says… “He’s trying to make people better but why are big people being mean & not helping. They must have bad moms & dads” … Walks off with a look of reasons… Stunned the room at lunch time with silence. (mothers day)… ⚖️

    1. @Tyler Scofield No. She needs to be told that sometime there are bad trolls out there that don’t want people to get better.

  3. I have no problem with a booster. I’m already taking (1) a flu shot every year, (2) a shingles shot (once, now need to go back for the new double dose, (3) pneumonia. Let’s add one more.

    1. You are keeping your regimen simple, hmm I sure think though the younger the person the more debatable

    2. @Sam Harris The younger the person the more likely they will risk life long health problems for the lack of a few simple precautions.

  4. 9 boosters a week, 7 masks wrapped in cellophane and 2 rolls of duct tape, and call me in the morning…

    1. Is this your confession that you are a barefaced, variant incubating, virus spreading fiend intent on keeping the pandemic going for decades?

    2. @ruth depew You’re the morons allowing bureaucrats to exploit this for decades AND decades, and print 8 trillion in cash thrown st lobbyists.
      You need to get smarter than this.

  5. “Right when we need to speed up”
    Yea, let’s pretend the entire world did not have to speed up in January 2020.
    Good one 👍

  6. We have been hoping for decades that all our work and research would be ready for the pandemic. Well done doctor.

    1. You do know he helped fund the research on this virus in the chinese lab where it escaped. He should be investigated. The truth is now out and he cannot escape it.

    1. I doubt it. Logistically we can handle it but there is a large portion of our country who still buys into the anti vaxxer narrative. Changing their minds will be an uphill battle.

  7. Lockdowns BACKFIRED: Areas with most aggressive covid lockdowns saw highest infection numbers

    1. @William Eaton Opposite no. California among 8 largest states has lowest fatalities per capita. Florida and Ohio are virtually tied for 2nd.

  8. Safe space cadets any number of slumber combinations counting sheep creep creep hey that ain’t no sleep sheep

  9. Thought stream data mine vaporware smoke test to get things done better not mess with Major Tom

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