'They're dying of thirst': Advocate on military report into long-term care homes 1

‘They’re dying of thirst’: Advocate on military report into long-term care homes


CEO of CanAge, Laura Tablyn Watts discusses reports saying dozens of residents at two Toronto long-term care homes died of dehydration.

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  1. The long term care minister should resign. her response to questions on the report is a disgrace.

    1. both for sure. before covid, if family complained for lack of care they could be banned from the LTC home. then with lock down, with no family to visit and tend to their parent, and cut backs that where already catastrophic, staff and resources stretched to the max, sadly, i think, this was inevitable. my parents and my in-laws are all in their 80s. my husband and i are doing everything we can to keep them home.

    2. @Yo Momma If you got it you would SHUT UP! Respect to anyone who could survive such brutal treatment!

  2. what kinda monsters work in these homes? like she said its been ongoing way before lockdown! but as long as they got paid right?

    1. Families & workers have been reporting these issues for 10 + yrs. Gov have been eliminating inspections

    2. It’s not the workers who are underpaid and overworked who are the problems. The capitalist leeches who own these places are the one to blame. A for profit society is such a beautiful thing. Enjoy!

  3. I’m ASHAMED to admit that I live at Hawthorne Place Care Centre and that everything that you heard is 100% accurate.

    1. @Yo Momma Your smile icon just told me what you think of my living environment and illness. I hope that you don’t end up with covid-19 and dehydration and someone smiles and makes a big joke out of illness and death.

  4. If no charges are laid and no one goes to jail for this then we have a morally corrupt province and justice system. This wasn’t a mistake but neglect and negligence.

    1. we DO have a morally corrupt province and justice system. I would say now we have the entire country like this

  5. Food inspectors have more clout than long term care inspectors. The government is and accessory to death how can this not be illegal.

  6. I seen the minsters response to questions it was shameful she needs to be fired and figured out why

  7. This is Canada’s shame. You can tell a lot about a society by the way they treat their elderly.

  8. I reckon I’d be off to prison if one of those was poor folks they neglected to death were my parent.

  9. Omg it breaks my heart to hear of this neglect. Died from NO WATER, FOOD????? Completely deplorable, fkn sickening…..heart wrenching. And the neglect goes on covid or no covid!!!!

  10. There needs to be a Union in these homes that will contract/guarantee a standard of care and workers.

  11. I live in a seniors home in Vancouver.
    Health workers came last Thursday and tested tenants for Covid and staff have not come back after the weekend!
    No one is in the building except tenants.
    Nicholson Tower. West end.

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