Dr. Ashish Jha Asks The Unvaccinated: ‘Aren’t We Ready To Move On From Covid?’ 1

Dr. Ashish Jha Asks The Unvaccinated: ‘Aren’t We Ready To Move On From Covid?’


Dr. Ashish Jha, Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, joins Ali Velshi to discuss the spread of the Delta variant and the rise in Covid cases among the fully vaccinated. Dr. Jha says until more people get vaccinated “we’re going to continue struggling with this.”
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  1. I have a question, Dr.
    The Covid “vaccines” have never been approved, they’ve been authorized, an emergency authorization which puts them in the category of a medical experiment. (I personally don’t take any experiments)
    Is this misinformation?

    1. @Jim Jablowme actually they did. From the start we knew the vaccines were not 100% effective. Nobody is asking you to give up your civil liberties. All that’s been asked is that we each do what we can to help eachother stay safe.

    2. @eehloh luell I understand that & I felt the same. Unlike some people who are trying to shove it down our throats, I’m honestly not trying to do that. I don’t trust big pharma & have little faith in our government but ultimately I finally went thru with it. It’s a choice we each have to make & I will not sit here & tell you I’m not still slightly worried, but fact is I feel so much more at ease after getting mine. I’m only recently fully vaccinated like as of a few days ago like I legit was worried so I do feel you. But I have a vulnerable family member who can’t be vaccinated & after really digging into info about exactly what the vaccine does & doesn’t do & how long it takes our bodies to get rid of it I did it. I hope you will too but I understand what you’re saying, I really do.

    3. @Dario M.A.F Sanchez Malone did not invent mRNA vaccines. Drew Weismann & Katalin Kariko invented it & have the patent paperwork to prove it.

    4. @julei burress well like you said that was your choice. To me it doesn’t change the fact that it is still experimental. My vulnerable family members already have gone through covid, I’ve gone through covid,(all prior vaccine release and taking precaution), if I wanna take the vaccine it will be when it no longer is experimental and if I find it will benefit me.

  2. Are the vaccines FDA approved yet? Do we know the people who got vaccinated are not going to break down and die 6 months from now?

    1. @Common Sense “gene therapy” wacko alert ..

      “For all the folks it’s already adversely affected or even killed I guess they don’t count or even matter to you?” – A.Moron

      What about the 600,000+ already dead don’t that count or even matter to you ?
      What about ant-vaxers causing this pandemic to continue or even get worse *don’t that count or even matter to you ?*
      When they are the source for an even deadlier variant !
      What about those that CANT be vaccinated, how many kids will DIE !?
      Because they WILL *I guess they don’t count or even matter to you!*

      This pandemic is turning into a pandemic of the unvaccinated .. If only they didn’t take “their victims” with them ..
      The delta variant WILL find you !!
      FGS get the vax ..

    2. I seem fine. I had my vaccine in January. You are allowed to be infected. I can see it you on ventilator. Job security

    3. @AN0NY M0USE IV
      It isn’t the unvaccinated that’s continuing covid into mutations, it’s irresponsible behavior such as not wearing masks in public.

  3. We’re all sick and tired of this, I think everyone knows about it, if they don’t want it, they don’t want it, move on. Why do those that are vaccinated always insist other get vaccinated too, unless they think the vaccine isn’t effective.

    1. @therealthreadkilla Because even vaccinated people can still get and spread the virus. They just aren’t dying from it but without herd immunity it can continue to mutate and will never go away. Look around at the rest of the world. Who are you listening to for our medical information because you are ignoring the medical experts in every country in the world as if you know better Wow!

    2. @JM1993951 so how’s this different from the flu as we stand now. Going forward it’s going to be like the flu, so it’s never ever going away, no matter what we do here, U.S. is not a country inside a vacuum, there will always be somewhere where it mutates and will come here easily, so this herd immunity is not going to really work unless the whole world is vaccinated, and good luck with that.
      Basically, we should treat this like the flu and move on, there isn’t anything more that can be done and by pushing people will almost certainly have the opposite effect and may actually backfire in many ways.

  4. When you have to grant pharmaceutical companies immunity from lawsuits that’s how you know you are getting the good stuff.

  5. To answer the question, we have moved on. That’s why we not taking the vaccine, it’s over doc, you can go home now.

  6. *Yes sir we are ready to move on. Let us move on. War will ensue. Elohim will claim glory. He is the first. And he is the last.*

  7. Crazy how to Denver took on the All-Star game then the rats lift all mandates literally the day before and we are now back to normal. If you’re not a baseball fan you may have no idea you may think that’s just where we’re at in the planDemic. Nope, they laid it all down for the billions in revenue. They accepted the game months ago. Absolutely no coincidence whatsoever.

  8. I had a delta breakthrough. It lasted all of 24 hours. Delta had very bad cold symptoms, but they only lasted for six hours. The abdominal pain, which was a sign of the immune system fighting the variant, lasted from onset through when I went to bed at 7 am when I retired for the night. I woke up without symptoms at 2 am (but was tired rather than in pain).

  9. We moved on from the media covid campaign. Take the hint already. We don’t want your experimental diseases or your experimental vaccines

  10. Good to see YouTube putting the China Virus banner on all the videos again now. The propaganda machine is running at a %100.

  11. I dare Dr. Jha to explain this data out of Taiwan: For the past 10 days, more people in Taiwan are dying from the COVID jabs than from COVID itself. On July 20, 2021, 5 AstraZeneca deaths, 4 Moderna deaths, and only 4 COVID deaths. Explain that.

  12. Yes, many have moved on from your scamdemic and fear mongering a year ago, but media needs to keep fueling the flames of fear

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