Dr. Birx drops bombshell about US Covid-19 deaths 1

Dr. Birx drops bombshell about US Covid-19 deaths


Dr. Deborah Birx, the coronavirus task force coordinator until former President Donald Trump, revealed in an interview with CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta that the number of coronavirus deaths could have been "decreased substantially" if cities and states across the country had aggressively applied the lessons of the first surge toward mitigation last spring, potentially preventing the surges that followed.
"I look at it this way. The first time we have an excuse," Birx said. "There were about a hundred thousand deaths that came from that original surge. All of the rest of them, in my mind, could have been mitigated or decreased substantially."
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  1. Birx is partly responsible for some deaths because of her silence. She cared more about keeping her job than doing her job.

    1. I’m just going to say that there are a massive bunch of idiots on this thread spouting BS. Don’t even bother reading below.
      You think Birx cared more about a two bit government job than doing her job? Birx could easily make 10X her government salary in a private company.

    2. @Barry Webber Exactly!! That she even could sit and hear all that garbage coming out of trumps mouth, any sane person would have said: Stop! NO!

    3. The truth was well known to, and easily found by, anyone who wanted to look for it. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was that those who had the truth lacked the power to do enough about it, while those with the power were, as usual, ignoring reality to make themselves temporarily look better.

  2. Albert Einstein-“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing.”

    1. Mao TseDung butchered 80 million of his own people, they butchered tens of millions of Falun Gong, Tibetans and Uighyurs. Poisoning 8 billion with a genetically engineered bioweapon coronavirus multiple hybrid.
      Template a Chinese bat coronavirus, with elements of pangolin coronavirus, elements of HIV, elements of measles and malaria, and elements of a rat/human hybrid virus all spliced into a Chinese bat coronavirus.

    2. Dont know if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram account by using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google xD

    1. I honestly don’t know a whole lot about her, but I can easily see that from her point of view, it would be best to get along as much as possible to do the best job she can do in the situation she was in, because the alternative could have been a replacement that cared as little as Trump. At least she was there trying to do what she could do to save lives.
      Like I said, I don’t know a whole lot about her, maybe I’m being too generous. But I can certainly see a reasonable situation like that.
      Fauci could have quit in protest, but I suspect more people would be dead, had he done that.

  3. She did have another option OTHER than to quit: She could have told the truth and stood up for people’s lives.

    1. @BIDEN 2020 That is why Vindman is a hero. His oath & loyalty is to the USA first & foremost. Where was Trump’s & the GOP?

    2. @shermigz I guess holding people accountable for misinformation and withholding facts that has lead to the deaths of tens of thousands of people unneccesarily because the people in charge only cared about their next election or maintaining their positions is no biggie huh! My apologies, I forgot this is America where only the poor and disenfranchised are held accountable to maintaining a higher standard.

    3. The truth was well known to, and easily found by, anyone who wanted to look for it. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was that those who had the truth lacked the power to do enough about it, while those with the power were, as usual, ignoring reality to make themselves temporarily look better.

  4. I’ve never seen these people so remarkably outspoken and courageous…when it’s safe for them to speak up. When their jobs are in jeopardy, our lives (whom they serve) are irrelevant.

    1. If she’s a real dr ( first, do no harm) ask her about the poor brown children in the border cages please.

  5. My son is in the hospital right now! Somebody needs to be held accountable for all who died and who are suffering because of all the incompetence that has occurred.

    1. No one dies before their time to go. If not Covid something else would have taken their lives. We all have numbered days.

    2. ” _Somebody needs to be held accountable_ ”
      The American people are responsible. They are the ones who put Trump in power – a blatant incompetent and a conman. The Covid fiasco is only one small part of all the consequences that have flowed from that one action.

    3. @Kiwi Newz Um…it started in China, and they keep trying to dance around the real cause and place of origin. Australia went head to head against China (very impressive I might add) and NZ is an island nation that can easily isolate itself. Why is Europe having a 3rd or 4 wave right now? Trump??

    4. @rpnp2 Right! THAT will help people stave off a virus for which THEY HAVE NO NATURAL SPECIFIC IMMUNITY BECAUSE IT’S FRICKIN *NEW.*

  6. The “ doctors “ should have showed integrity and quit ….then met with the press instead they stayed so they now have blood on their hands .

    1. dead wrong, idiot trump has all the blood on his hands. all he cared about was un-employment and the stock market. people dying mattered zero to him. and he was in charge. he’s sociopath

    2. Right, just like everyone else Trump railroaded and and at the very least ruined their careers. Some went to prison. Easy to say on this side of it.

    3. You are suggesting the Dr’s, the professionals that have spent their lives studying diseases and are world renowned, should have quit to send a signal we needed help a.s.a.p.? Are you serious? The only professionals in the room should have quit….not the President who knows nothing about communicable diseases? Let’s have your Dr. quit and put Trump in charge of your healthcare. This has to be the craziest Trumper comment I have seen and I have seen a lot. Here’s a clue: Your guy failed this country miserably and you’re still sticking up for him. Good thing those of us with sense fired him.

  7. WHO “investigation” was completely useless, comparing it to a “study tour” where scientists only saw “what the CCP wanted them to see.”

  8. Think of all the lives that could’ve of been saved, if mandate were put in immediately. So heart wrenching that we lost so many. Like the weight of world for that moment was either people lives or the money that kept everyone alive , I guess for that moment it was money, and we still lost, not so much the money but the lives that we can never get back. RIH to all the lives lost because of covid

    1. Feel bad for those that lost loved ones to the virus. Also feel bad for those who’s lives were destroyed by the government because of the virus. Nothing good came of this

  9. The USA was 50 gears on one machine where each gear did their own thing instead of work together so that the machine could function properly.

    There. I broke it down for y’all in one sentence. A run-on sentence, sure, but still…


  10. If Dr. Bleach really wanted to make a difference, she should have said all of these things when it mattered

    1. Not when those crazy Trumptards were roaming the streets and ultimately finding their way to the Capitol.

    2. Or maybe its all just BS. People in America die every day cause they’re fat out shape TV watchers. A year ago did you drive around and see people Coughing and roling over and dying on the streets? Were there dead homeless everywhere? NO! You heard about the virus on TV.

  11. instead of whining today, she could have resigned in protest. this is on her watch. nothing to salvage here.

  12. “Skeptical of government” uhh yeah the government always finds a way to screw things up. Completely reasonable

    1. The graveyard will be deaths because of the lockdowns NOT covid-19. And the deaths are in mainly democrat run strongholds. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  13. “There would have been fewer deaths if we had done more to mitigate the spread.”
    – a bombshell, according to CNN

  14. The sign of a third world country is when government runs everything, a first world country is ran by the people….

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