1. @Rtyert Rt Border mess, his press conference mess, fuel prices increasing. You tell me what has demented Joe actually done positive?

    2. @M Hall there you go blaming the gas prices on him again Joe Biden doesn’t have any way to control the gas prices at your local kangaroo let alone Sunoco those are private businesses that are setting the prices private! businesses!

    3. Well, they had more to do with OPEC’s decision to cut production. If you keep up with these things as they go by. Didn’t have anything to do with events in the Suez Canal.

    4. @Rtyert Rt No.Gas prices are regulated by goverments.Germany couple years ago.Huge protest.Full stop in everything.Gov announced few hours later “prices will not go up”.See?Goverments and companies come to a deal and then goverment decides and announces what price will be but prices depend on stock market.In 2020 oil companies were ruinned by covid and they were worthless on market.It’s just that our goverments are corrupted POS and aim to rob their ppl of every cent they can.
      Just like they sky rocketed prices of tobacco and alchocol under pretenses that it’s harmfull and hurts healthcare budget…Freedoms should not be on sale.

  1. I feel like trying to read that headline underneath breaking News is making my brain cells disappear more and more each time I try to understand it

    1. I thought it was just me. I’m an editor (I can be a little picky about headlines hahaha) that header is breaking my brain. 🙂

    1. The sun and the moon is more than an technology we can ever imagine we all need a little astrology hope this fill moon be kind to us in Venus

    2. @GoldenIce he didn’t say country he said WORLD…..since you got all offended for no reason earthling

    3. The Dutch did they. They’re kind of known for being the best in the world at anything that has something to do with water and sailing.

    1. @Jen hidden in plain sight! I don’t understand how the majority of people don’t connect the dots!

    2. @CORONAPHOBIA is the real PANDEMIC! There is definitely no denying it, something crazy is going on! Trump never conceded and anyone with half a brain knows Biden didn’t get that many votes legally!

    3. @CORONAPHOBIA is the real PANDEMIC! yep. I hope they inspect to see what’s in those containers.

  2. Imagine the float of shame that boat will be going through as it starts going pass boats on the other end that’s been waiting.

    1. @keith2092 sure beta. Abc, NBC, CBS, cnn, nyt, and literally every late night talk show told you sheep to hate trump and vote for biden. But I’m the indoctrinated one.
      Before biden won I was asking all of you sheep to name his policies. Not one of you could do it.

    1. W•H•A•T•S•A•P•P
      +•1•6•4•6•5 •1 •3•5•6•2•1
      B•T•CA•N•D •E•T•H….. .. … ..

  3. Thank you, Ben Wedeman, for your long service as an international correspondent. You are a hero!

    1. Egypt level of incompetence bears no bound that’s why they couldn’t whoop Israel a country no bigger than New York City years later give them control of the Suez canal and look at their level of incompetence u******** believable the canal needs to be upgraded and controlled by international consortium

    2. We need an American canal here in America we don’t want to hear that b******* but it’s going to be expensive no it ain’t no it won’t we need our own American canals on it’s high time to do it construction technology is a little bit better than the 1930s and 40s and it can be done in no time at all it will benefit Mexico and the US cuz we definitely need a f****** God damn American canal zone

    1. We need to send in the Navy seals to plant a small explosive and break the ship in half.
      Then we need to supply the African Pirates with attack submarines lol

  4. The Suez Canal is due for a update if a ship can get trapped for a over a week and it takes such a massive effort to remove it.

    1. @Nobody Knows You are right … the phrase “We all know” has been a part of Fauci’s science-speak for much of 2020/21. I can name a few other individuals but we will leave it there.

    2. @Winston Smith LOL! The difference being that you can tell the difference between a Trump, a troll, and a respected scientist. If Fauci ever used “We all know” I for one am willing to let it pass, because I know from which knowledge base he is speaking. Yes, you SHOULD leave it there, lest you get further burned by your own stupidity.

  5. When you can use the word “mostly” in an optimistic way, you have a problem. “It’s only a flesh wound!” “I cut off your leg!”

  6. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven

    Like so more people can see this.

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